Well I’m still 49 in Rift. I skipped the event. I almost napped through it but woke up just in time to log in and be told the servers were coming down in 25 mins for 15 mins, so, I went to the store. When I got back there was an hour queue (first time I’ve seen a queue for my main server in a while) and my friend who was ingame said it started in 30 minutes. I waited in the queue and had 20 minutes left when the event started. My friend who is a cleric tank/healer/dps said he was lagging so bad that he couldn’t even attack before he died. Once he DCed for the 2nd time he called it quits on trying to participate, as did I.

Then we went to play Darkspore! Holey crap, what a neat little game amirite? Too bad it is coming out the 26th and not the 19th, like it should, sons of bitches.

Today is the last tax day! Huzzah! After today (hopefully before the days over imo!) I will be taking a hiatus from work for the rest of the week (unless I get tired of being retarded and playing video games).

Cannot wait my friends, no sir, I cannot.


2 thoughts on “Herpadoodle

  1. I saw on zam that it seems to run on the spore engine in that you can edit your dood… but it seems that you can only change where the armor/weapons are placed? I’d think they would support the option to choose what the unit is fire, etc, and specials, but to make them look and attack however you want, based on certain restraints like frames per second for weapon swings and running speeds, etc.

    Is all you can really do is place armor? Am I nuts for expecting more out of a spore-based game, one with spore *still* in its very title, or did the video review completely skip that fully-editable detail, which in my opinion should be like the largest selling point?

    • That is correct. However there are quite a few slots and the items have different shapes, plus you can change the size of the items. You can also change the size of the hands and feet, as well as weapon, and I believe you can move and change the size of the eyes.

      I didn’t play Spore but from what I heard it wasn’t a very exciting game. So the trade off is that you don’t get to make your dudes look like penises (DAMNIT!) but you get to actually have fun.

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