Server Maintenance nyuck nyuck

Spent a bit of productive time today on this guy. Seems like almost every time I get home and am ready to play me some Rift, servers come down during EST primetime so that they’ll be ready for PST primetime. Fuckin gay.
If you want to make one (you totally should btw)


3 thoughts on “Server Maintenance nyuck nyuck

  1. Yeah, that always bothered the hell out of me with WoW as well. “PST.” Pfft! Even google got confused on what timezone that was the first time I asked. Of course Blizz always ran late anyway, so I never really did figure out how many extra hours to tack on other than “2 of Blizzard’s hours” which could range from four to six hours to a full week and a half.

    • Yeah its weird to me that they actually do that. I mean I could understand crapping on the 5 euro players on the NA servers by doing it primetime their timezone, but it’s the NA servers and they’re crapping on a whole coast of customers. TBH I haven’t encountered that in a week or so, maybe they realized we hate it heh.

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