Giving Away One (1) Rift Beta VIP Account

To enter the “contest” just comment here with a good reason, brief history, whatever, post some shit to make me want to choose you over the other guy. If you post, CUS I WANT IT SO BAD OMGUHZ, you’re not gonna get it. Even though I almost wanted to say I’d probably give it to you, I really want someone who really wants it to have this.

VIP accounts have access to all beta events if I’ve got my facts straight.

Winner will receive login/pw for rift account and login/pw for email account tied to game account, as well as secret questions/answers. PUT YOUR CORRECT EMAIL IN YOUR COMMENT BOX THING OR YOU WILL NOT WIN.

I will select a winner on Monday January 24.

11 thoughts on “Giving Away One (1) Rift Beta VIP Account

  1. Yeah, I’m not so sure about this title…. I want to like it… and was planning on playing it until the EQ progression thing came out – but I wouldn’t mind trying it, if only to give it a look see and maybe do a write up on the blog. I doubt I’ll end up playing it at launch, but who knows.. the whole EQ thing may not turn out as I hope. Sooo… yeah, pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  2. I have a friend who already has this game and hes been telling me how cool it is. I am so jealous that he got a beta key, but now I see you are giving one away! It would be so cool if I could play with him.

    Plus I once wrote a short story named “Rift” and it was about rifts as well. I mean that just seems like it was fate that this game is coming out.

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