So my 2v2 team was doing okay in good ol reners there, you know, not quite 1:1 ratio but close, we had made it over 1k rating and we only played 2 days so we felt good. A little too good apparently. One night I was drunk and we were winning in arenas and started chatting up /g chat about how we’re winning. Well a guildy mentions that he’d like to rener sometime, so I was like, shit, join our team! He is a rogue, just like me! Needless to say the next day when him and I stepped into the reners, we went 0-3, and of course then he had some family thing to tend to (lolright). I didn’t take any offense because it’s half expected at that point lol, personally I can just keep doing it over and over and I bet eventually I’d break 1:1 but that’s just how I do every game.

Well that guildy hasn’t returned to the arena, at least 2v2 with our team, since. Tuesday was CP reset day so me and my buddy jumped in with the good ol Warrior/Rogue combo. We won our first one, lost our 2nd, and won our 3rd. On the third one we had eliminated one of their players and then my buddy died right after that which meant me with full hp vs. a druid with full hp. Well, I won and only took 3k damage lol. I was left standing 102k/105k hp, man it felt great. After that second win we lost 7 in a row. Talk about shitty lol. We called it a night rener-wise.

Recently I’ve been feeling weak as shit on my rogue, its frustrating at times when you put everything you have into killing one guy and then he just kinda sits there at 10% while youre mashing buttons and it doesn’t seem like anythings happening and then you lose. I’ve almost got 3k resilience which I think now is more of the “good norm” with 3.5k+ being the “good good”. I’ve not capped CP yet for this week but I did spend the first points I got on my Ranged slot, ilvl 359 ranged weapon ftw! PURPOLZ ARE COO-EWLZ!

Last night we decided to step back into the arena to give it another go. We first fought a Rogue/Feral Druid combo, both starting stealthed. We were able to kick their little butts perdy good. I saw the rogue while he was stealthed and sapped him which meant we were now going to double team rape him since he was the first guy we could see, plus Mr Feral druid wasn’t about to heal anyone lol, that would be dumb! After that match we were up against a DK and a Rogue. Again I was able to sap the rogue like the newb he is and we double teamed the DK. We ended up both of us switching targets a few times during this fight, we were all over the road, and we both got close to dying. We killed the Rogue first and focused on the DK, my friend had to run away to live so the DK focused on me, then I had to run away to live and my friend came back to whack him. I came back for another stab or two and the DK focused his attention on me again. I was under 10k hp and damn was this going to be close! But, we got him, before either of us died. That was it for last night, quit while you’re ahead and all.

It’s more fun spreading your rener out across the week, but I still love knockin it all out at once like a champ.

4 thoughts on “LOLRENA

  1. nice to hear your havin fun. My mate is 69 so il have a few weeks from doing any arena. A couple of bgs every other day to gear up is all im doing in wow. Then it will be the brutal lesson in arena pvp for him lol.

    • Yeah I don’t know if I’ve learned anything from my lessons yet hah. We try to strategize but you don’t know what you’re fighting til the gates open, and then if they’re stealthed you don’t know til the fight starts. Since we are 2 DPS our main goal is to stick to the same target and cc the other as best we can. Ideally this would mean me sapping a guy, us tag teaming the other, my friend doing his howl fear on the other guy when he comes out of sap, then me blinding him when he comes out of fear. Unfortunately it’s never that easy (well it is sometimes but rarely). What usually happens is one of us makes an executive decision to switch targets and breaks cc, or one of us CCs the guy right after the other just did, wasting a cc. I like how CC is now a noun and verb, crowd control, for the crowd of one!

      I now know what you mean about frost mages. You can still get em, even the good ones, but gdamn is it hard and just about impossible solo.

      Don’t stray! You gotta try Tipa’s challenge. Playing one game for a year. I’ve never done it but it sounds like a perfect world, doesn’t it? I’m gonna try.

  2. Il be taking up the challenge with swtor. Im only really playin wow now for my mates benefit and i feel bad for getting him addicted lol. I am actually gonna check out the fallen earth patch notes when i get home as well to see if they have any decent new stuff…… A new ui hopefully

    • I get the “Fallen Earth feeling” every now and again. What I mean by that is that each game that I’ve liked I usually have a feeling and some music attached to it. I was having the Fallen Earth feeling in December. I just don’t know about it, the PvP I did was kinda meh.

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