15 Minutes of Low Level Warrior PvP with Queen

The 2nd song is also the third song, whoops! Grooveshark playlist tricked me!

Click here to go to the stagevu page and watch the shit! The best part (killing wise) is near the end. But this is what a win looks like, throwing yourself at them over and over, you don’t have to win yourself to win as a team. But, staying at the top of the list of the damage dealers is a nice bonus.

Video is 250 80 mb btw, forgot to mention that 😮

MegaVideo has a 57 or so minute limit to the amount you can watch for free each day. But, they don’t screw you out of your audio like pretty much every other video hosting site does. Huzzah MegaVideo!

I’m posting this before the video is “finalized” on the megavideo site but it’s stuck at 10% so I don’t wanna wait to post! Deal with it!

6 thoughts on “15 Minutes of Low Level Warrior PvP with Queen

  1. I was gonna call shenanigans, but yall did already. Was ready to see a superior class in action, sadly This Video Is Currently Unavailable. Tears. I has them >.<

    • Ugh, it’s gotta be the music :/ Doesn’t make much sense considering MegaVideo hosts a lot of other things that would be considered far more infringing than what is basically my “home movie”.

      I’ll find somewhere else to put it asap.

  2. My favorite part is when the Goblin Shadow Priest tries to lure me away from the bases I should be taking. I felt so dumb lol. My E button is bound to my Stealth on my Rogue. But on my Warrior it is my trinket, so that is what is happening right before I sprint after the mounted guy… Yeah, pretty dumb right there lol, but funny.

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