Conquest Points, I Wish I Knew It Was This Easy

I’ve been decking myself out in PvP honor gear recently. I had a trinket (not the kind that gets you out of shit) and 4 pieces of the set minus the head slot. My friend and I made a 2v2 team a while back, we hadn’t played but it was my rogue and his warrior. We finally decided to step into the arena on Monday, except he wanted to use his warlock instead of his warrior, so he made me leader and I invited his warlock.

We dove into our first match with no real plan, I was to stealth and sprint out real fast and try to sap one of them from the get go, then we rape the other one. If the first one pops his trinket, my friend fears him til we finish off the first guy and voila, victory. Well it didn’t quite go according to plan every time, but for the most part it worked. We ended up capping our Conquest Points with a 5-4 win-loss record. The cool thing was that the next day our Conquest Point weekly caps had reset (it resets weekly on Monday night/Tuesday morning) which allowed us to win another 1343 conquest points.

Our second time around we went 5-7 :(, but in our defense we were now playing against teams who had about as much experience as we had, and not the 0 rating people that we played the day before. We now both had enough Conquest Points to buy new main hand weapons, ilvl 359! Fuck yeah! 90 dps increase over my old main hand. So awesome. Another awesome thing that I did not know existed: enchant scrolls!

What my friend noticed was that when we went up against 2 DPS classes we usually won. Personally, I didn’t pay attention to that stuff, I just tried to stab stab good. My favorite that I can half remember was against a shaman and something else (half remember). It was in the arena with the little bridge in the middle and two pillars next to it. The shaman went straight to one of those pillars and dropped totem. We later realized that this was their ideal map. We lost that match but played them again for our next match. We won this second time and that was when I realized that the previous map was their ideal map. The shaman uses a big fuckin knockback spell, so on the pillar if he gets attacked, he can buy 10 seconds of healing time or dps time by blasting anyone attacking him off.

Our 2v2 rating is now 930 or so with a 10-11 record. My resilience is right below 2500 which gives me about a 26% reduction in damage taken from players, pretty cool imo! My plan is to finish deckng myself out in honor gear with rings necklace and cloak. My next CP purchases are going to be an off hand and ranged weapons. My friend plans on setting his warrior up for PvP to get his CP and to help feed my arena appetite. I need to get on an active 3v3 team, but, gdamn do I hate meeting people lol. I wish I remembered the guys name who wanted me to be on his 2v2 team. 😦

Anyways, that’s my little update, good day!

7 thoughts on “Conquest Points, I Wish I Knew It Was This Easy

  1. nice to see your still having fun in wow and with the rogue 🙂

    Me, im really struggling to log in. I seem to have lost all enthusiam since i hit 85 and all i can see is the dreaded grind. Id quite fancy a bit of arena but none of my mates are 85 then id have to wait on them gearing up etc. Ach i think I have just run my course in the world of azeroth tbh and am just a jaded games these days ….. Hence no bloggin of late

    • Yeah, it’s difficult for me to log in tbh. I didn’t really have this goal until yesterday of getting honor gear and shit. I’m sure I’ll get enough honor before CP resets, so then I’ll farm honor for heirlooms for my warrior! lol.

      Then level my warrior just so I can do some “rener” (arena -> arener -> rener) again and then be like, wtf do I do now? lol

    • It was a lot of PvPing, that’s for sure, but it wasn’t as much of a grind as you’d think. To me it was just like playing Counter-Strike a few maps a day, if you can’t enjoy it then don’t do it imo.

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