Cataclysm and it’s Silly Acronyms

Hello errbody, and welcome to another episode of Cataclysm and it’s Silly Acronyms. I’m your host, Bonedead Boogy, and have we got a great show for you today or what! (nyuck nyuck)

Today we’re showcasing three of the new acronyms from World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, Cataclysm. In normal form, these words mean what they’re meant to, but once they’re turned into acronyms – shit starts going down!

First off we have Tol Barad. Tol Barad is the new Wintergrasp for Cataclysm, it has an island peninsula, and is similar to Arathi Basin in that you control certain points – however there is no score. Once the attacking team gains control of all three of the control points, they win, simple as that.

Tol Barad is abbreviated TB. Ingame you see TB and you think, hey, Tol Barad, wonder if we’re on offense this time?
Anyone that is not ingame sees TB and thinks, DEADLY INFECTIOUS DISEASE. You know the one, tuberculosis. Yeah, that one. Commonly known as TB.

Next we bring you to Conquest Points. Conquest Points are pretty much the new Arena points. You receive them from competing in Rated BGs and Arena matches, as well as a few small amounts for completing your first daily random BG. Conquest Points are used to buy some really good (currently) PvP gear.

Conquest Points are abbreviated CP. Now, again, ingame you see CP and think, Conquest Points. Man I sure wish I could get more of those.
Anyone that is not ingame and is instead on 4chan or other darker corners of the internet see CP and think, CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. You know, the illegal shit that sick fucks love? Yeah, good call on the Conquest Points name.

Lastly we bring you my favorite: Baradin’s Hold. Baradin’s Hold is the new Vault of Archavon. It is a PvE raid dungeon that drops PvP loot that is usually purchased with CP (never looks the same again eh?).

Baradin’s Hold is abbreviated as BH. If you’re playing and you see in trade chat someone saying: “LF4M BH”, that looks completely normal to you. You think, man I wish I could get enough CP to buy the good stuff so I wouldn’t have to raid BH.
Once again, outside of the game, possibly if you’re listening to the radio or in some random passerby chat you hear someone say BH. As everyone does, you begin attempting to figure out what the hell a BH is, and then it hits you – BUTT HOLE. Who likes to raid BH? I know I sure do.

So to recap, we have tuberculosis, child porn, and butt hole – all in the same expansion. Seems like quite the assortment of acronyms in this new xpac.

This has been another episode of Cataclysm and it’s Silly Acronyms, brought to you by the National Association for a Cure for Tuberculosis – America.

I’m your host Bonedead Boogy, signing off.


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