Cry Moar Newb

So, kid goes deaf, guild kicks deaf kid because he can’t use vent, deaf kid runs to the intarwebs for HEYLP! and of course we coddle the poor wittle baby. Well, fuck that shit. If you wanna play competitive basketball, guess what? YOU NEED LEGS. If you don’t have legs? I think they’ve got some vroom on the squad for ya.

Getting kicked wasn’t even a big deal. I mean shit, the guy said that they weren’t even good at raiding, so has he always thought that they sucked? Maybe he pissed a few people off at one time or another for not being as super leet competitive as him? Who knows. All I know is I’m not jumping on the pity the deaf kid bandwagon because sometimes shit happens. Some people lose an arm, some people get a tumor, others become paralyzed in car accidents.

Now don’t get me wrong. I understand why this is oh so shocking and omg how can they be so heartless, you’re forgetting about the human behind the character!
No, they’re not. The human behind the character is now broken which translates directly to the character. The reason the character is going to suck is because of the person.

Jumping the gun assuming he’s going to suck? Sure. But, is it really that far fetched to believe that it could be a problem? Would you want to have to adapt your guild for one player?

I fuckin wouldn’t.

Look at his post, he says he had to explain why he was gone for a while. What does that mean? That he didn’t explain before he left. Did he have any responsibilities prior to this? I don’t know. Do you just disappear off the face of the earth without telling your “friends” why?

Maybe the day before deaf kid returned to WoW the guild leader began implementing more rules involving using vent? Maybe in his absence they had developed different ways to tackle things via communicating more? Maybe he was going to fuck their new shit up that was working just fine without him?

If you’ve got 4 holes for screws and 5 screws, you don’t drill a 5th hole just so you don’t have to put a screw back, you put the fuckin screw back.

Here’s another thought. The guys character name is Unwelcome. Did anyone else notice that? The guy named Unwelcome is telling a story about not being welcome? REALLY? Did anyone even realize this before they became so gung-ho about how wrong it is to do that?

If it isn’t fake then what are the odds that he made that character a while ago and is now in the middle of this?

If that isn’t the case, did he pay money for a name change? What does that say to you? If he paid money to change his name to Unwelcome to tell a sob story about how you should feel bad for him, what does that say to you?

I’m now doubting that it is real. But, if it is real, then seriously why is this such a big fucking deal? Read the comments. People are telling him he should get in vent because you can use text in vent, so they say he should get in vent and “meet the guilds requirement” and then have them type to him and meet his needs. Seriously? If I was a guild leader, I would totally say fuck that shit in the ass. Sorry for your luck guy, but stop being such a fuckin baby about it. To the “aww poor baby” people, stop it, I mean come on. Not everyone plays games to relax and slowly quest with butterflies and rainbows and nothing in the world could possibly be wrong cus fantasy land is so fantastic! That may seem condescending, but it is only because you are being condescending on the thought of playing a game competitively (aka seriously). Some people do that, and when you do that, you need everyone to follow the same damn protocol if you can’t meet it then tough shit.

I am just so tired of this shit. OMG MY RETARD BABY WITH 5 ARMS DIDN’T MAKE THE CHEERLEADING SQUAD? I’M GOING TO SUE THE SCHOOL BOARD! Fuck off. Life is tough and fuckin sucks sometimes, suck it up and do your best.

Angerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr RABBLE!


3 thoughts on “Cry Moar Newb

  1. He he bonedead you heartless s.o.b…… Ach thats what makes me like you.

    Also grats on the 85 am stagnating at 83 atm just one final push then decision time. Pve , pvp or both hmm.

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