This way, no that way, no back this way!

As you may be able to tell by the title of this post, I’ve sort of been all over the road in terms of where I’m planning on heading skill-wise in EVE. I trained my scanning skills a bit in hopes of making big money like my buddy is hacking radars and whatnot. I bought my Exequror, equipped it with 3 miner 2s and a miner 1, as well as 3 tech 1 cargo expanders, nothing in my mid slots, but 4 mining 1 drones in my drone bay as well. This has increased my ore intake rate almost two fold. Previously I believe I was using 1 GSC (giant secure container) anchored in space at my favorite asteroid belt and filling that, then filling my hold, and going back to the station to switch to my hauler. This has also changed.

As for my hauler, I’ve upgraded to an Iteron Mark 3 (from a Mark 1) which with 3 tech 1 cargo expanders can hold 9090m3, each GSC can hold 3900m3 and only takes up 3000m3, so I’m carrying 3 GSCs in my hauler and I also have 3 GSCs anchored in my favorite spot (sitting in space pretty much). This way, mining plagioclase and making 3 jumps to sell it nets me 960k a trip, each trip taking 30-45 minutes (haven’t timed it yet). This feels like quite the improvement. Sure I have the chance of making 25 million in a day by scanning for radar sites and getting lucky like my friend does, and I even trained the skills to do so, but I am pretty sure that I want to be a miner.

This is another semi problem for both myself and my friend and mainly because we play solo (and help each other when we need it). We’re trying to be everything at the same time. Miners, scanners, and combat pilots. Why? Because if we can do it, why not? I mean damn, I’ve got like 55+ days of time left to play and gather 300-400 million isk to buy myself a 30 day time card (PLEX-Pilots License Extension). Eventually I believe I will be able to play to play and never have to spend another dime on a subscription, that is the plan anyways.

We would really like to be able to go into class 1 w-space, find gravometric sites, be able to kill the pirates, and finally mine the really good shit so we can make a crap ton of money. This means we would both need to be able to fly Battlecruisers (I’m kind of close since Exequror is a cruiser and battlecruiser requires cruisers 3 I think), according to what I’ve read anyways. Then we’d have to deck them out in stuff we can’t use yet, so, train those skills and buy that expensive shit and then probably do some combat missions so we know how to fight with them. Of course the rats (npc pirates!) in known space are apparently far inferior in the AI department to the rats of w-space, which would just make it a big challenge. Nothing wrong with a challenge, we just aren’t used to this advancement system, you don’t “level” any faster by playing more which makes it easy to “set it and forget it” and just not play for a couple days (for me at least). We both know that eventually we’ll definitely be able to do this and that it really isn’t going to take that long.

I’ve managed to get 26 million isk so far, and 25 of that was just my pure luck. Of course it wasn’t really my luck but my friend’s and then kinda mine for him to split it with me. See, he was out mining (as he does when he is scanning regions so hes not just sitting there doing nothing while scanning) and a large group showed up and wtfraped all of the asteroids around him. This happens to me all the time, like, all the time, I’ve had to move my GSCs multiple times because of this alone. Well, the people who did it to him felt bad for him so they just gave him 50 million! What?! Holy crap are you kidding me? I couldn’t believe it but, hey, I’ll take half for free. That was a pretty cool part imo, free moneh. Prior to this I had earned probably around 4-5 million on my own but spent most of it (usually as soon as I get it) upgrading my ships and such.

I’m curious about being a part of a mining operation in a mining corp. How do you get paid? Are they ripping you off? Isn’t there one hauler for everyone? This is something I will have to find out later. First I need to stick with this mining path, focus on making money for PLEX, and get me a Mining Barge!


7 thoughts on “This way, no that way, no back this way!

  1. Hey man, just thought I’d say I appreciate the blog…. got a few good laughs as it really brought back memories of being new to eve. You bring up fears/mistakes that every one of us have made at one point or another lol. I’m a mmo enthusiast in general, but for whatever reason I always seem to return to eve, as its so immersive and seemingly full of endless possibilities. I tend to play solo, and this tendency led to my getting a second account since it opened up more mining options. My main (Lectra Null) is focused on exploration/combat and my alt (Void Render) is focused on mining/freight. Starting next week I can fly an Orca, so look me up in game if you’re interested in doing a w-space mining op. My main can handle any w-space rats (sleepers) up to class 3-4, so as a group we could mange a good haul of arkanor in the Orca.

    By the way, whats your in game name? “Bonedead” is an Amarrian Ni-Kunni, started in 2006…. you’re Gallente right?

  2. Having read through your trials and exploits throughout the game, I have to say you make it sound kinda…fun. How long did it take you to actually start doing semi-fun things? For example, the idea of spreadsheets and mining/trading tickles me. How long would it take a brand newb player to the game to actually go out in a safe area and mine for like a bit, return to station/warp/dock/whatever, sell it, make profit? I’ve read people used to tell their ships to mine, let their account lapse and when they paid for the next time period things would have leveled up. Waiting months for a skill to increase is not exactly my style, so that is why I like the idea of the game, but would wanna know more definite answers. (Your playstyle and thought process via mining and building up wealth to mine better and building from that further still mirrors much of my thoughts on what I’d probably do in Eve if I ever tried that sucker out…or if it would even be able to run on this old thing in the first place.)

    Early thanx for the infoz!

    • The game was pretty fun from the get go, imo. A brand new player could start mining almost instantly, you just need to equip a mining laser, and the starting missions will provide you with all of the modules (items/ship gear) that you would need to get started in any “profession” be it miner, mission runner (aka pew pew), explorer, etc. As for the training thing, I played for almost 2 months and the longest training time I waited for was around 5 days. I don’t know if you can set up a long skill, let your sub expire, and that skill still train. I never checked if it works but when I ran it by my friend he figured they probably wouldn’t let you do that. In the beginning most level 1 skills take 10-20 minutes, lvl 2 20mins-2 hours, lvl 3 2-7 hours. Since there are so many “necessary” skills, and since you can have every skill no matter what path you choose to go, you could end up training a lot of the skills to 3 or 4 before you take anything to 5. My friend and I found ourselves doing this due to feeling like we weren’t “leveling” if we weren’t completing training on skills. In the end, patience is very important.

      I followed this guide for the most part:
      However, I trained Gallente ships instead of the ones it recommends. I went from Navitas to Exequror to Retriever which didn’t take very long.

      What I found myself doing was staying in my starting Region (group of solar systems) and checking the buy orders (on the “AH” aka market, people offering to buy certain items, certain quantities, at a certain price) to find which ore I could mine that would earn me the most isk/m3 (money per cargo space). The isk/m3 (meters cubed) is important because no matter what you mine you’re going to fill up your cargo in the same amount of time.

      If you decide you want to play let me know and I’ll give you access to my google docs spreadsheet so you can kinda see where I went with it. My prices will be different than yours though due to the corp I joined offering to buy everything from me at a nice price.

      • Nice mining linky, thank-you. The tactic of leveling up while unsubbed has been removed for about a year, I think. Remember reading about it getting taken out on massively, followed by the usual “lawl it takes 2 long to do NE thin in EVE!” comments. I like that it only takes a short amount of time to level up skills, at least up to three anyway. Even eight hours of time isn’t much to people with the free time to spare, it’s the ‘days’ that bothers me, but even then it’s not a huge huge deal. Thank you for that information as well.

        I am fairly certain, assuming I’d play of course, that I’d end up going with a Barge. I’m only about half of the way down the page, (though it is quite long in my defense hee hee) but I don’t know the names of ships quite yet, other than you ended up with the same ship this dude recommended eventually. Wait…ah so you DID go the barge method. Awesome! How often do or did you jettison mine? Even in WoW people ‘steal’ nodes from under your nose, and EvE seems far more cutthroat with the amount of time needed to mine etc. I see myself staying in the safe zones almost entirely but I do not like that I have to let my wares float in space where I can’t claim them right away. a way, does that mean they could not hold that much, either? As if I fill my massive barge-y holds and extract that to the jettison, they wouldn’t be able to hold nearly as much, let alone all that in the pod. Could they still blow it up, or make their own pod and siphon my goods to theirs?

      • In the beginning you probably wont be jetcan mining due to not having a hauler. As for when you do jetcan mine, you could easily run into someone who takes as little as 1 ore out of your can. They do this so that they become attackable to you, their plan is to get you to attack them so that they can attack you. Odds are they wont blow up your jetcan, and pretty much can’t unless you’re in low security space. They can easily take your stuff out of your can, but anyone who can hurt you probably can’t hold very much, so as long as you don’t fall for their tricks and run->get your hauler->go back->pick up your ore as fast as you can, you’ll probably be safe. Also, in I believe .7 security and below space you can launch a GSC (giant secure container) and anchor it in space so that it stays there for a long time (30+ days before it disappears, and thats only if you don’t touch it/use it). It holds 3,900 meters cubed and only takes up 3,000 meters cubed in cargo space.

      • Ah, thank you for those details. I’m still amped about the game, hoping to get a month or so of game time over the course of the holiday (If Santa shines upon me, of course hee hee) Was gunning more-so for getting the in-game PLEX stuff so I could play for free and keep that sustained, but based on guides on youtube, mining can be kinda…low payout compared to what is needed for a ‘free’ month. (Guy mined Concentrated Valspar for 20 seconds and it sold for like 200isk with the basic boat you start the game with. Even if he ran it for a full 60 second cycle it’d only sell for like 650ish, and if he did that for an hour non-stop it’d be 39,000 territory. As a month is over 100 times that amount…eek.) I know I need to still do more research, but based on ISK for time invested, I’m either going to go mining at first to get some starter cash and then start my Trading career, OR I’ll jump right into the rather iffy ‘career’ of salvaging. (I was more against the idea until I found out that ‘skinning’ the wreck does not destroy it’s original contained loot, which is nice. If it deleted that as well it would be a pretty deekish’ thing to do, but right now it feels more like skinning other people’s loot in WoW.) I dig the planetary interaction stuff you can do, too.

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