Mission Accomplished!

In my last post I had an objective to fly into less secure space, find some types of asteroids I haven’t seen, and mine them with hopes of refining the ore into the materials I needed to finish my 10 out of 10 Industry newb quest. Completing this quest rewarded me with my first Industrial ship, the Iteron. ((It’s times like this when I wish I had my own domain with a host so I could do whatever I wanted, i.e. have that popup shit so when you moused over Iteron it gave you some info on it and linked to some wiki page about it. Sure, I could link it myself, but then I’d have to start linking everything and goram it, I’m just not gonna do that.)) Anyways, I made the trip and was successful.

I made it into 0.4 security space and the first asteroid belt I went to I found Jespet. This ore was much more dense than any I had previously encountered and it also required more units of ore to refine it. Prior to Jespet every other ore I had refined required 333 units of ore in order to refine, Jespet required 500. The most I could carry at one time was around 170 which means it took me 3 trips in scary 0.4 security space to gather enough ore to refine it once. Luckily, the first new ore type I tried was all I needed as it refined into the few rare materials I still needed to complete my quest.

I subbed my account, learned Gallente Industrial I, and got my new ship. Then I found out how this ship wasn’t going to make that great of a mining ship. But of course, why wouldn’t that be the case lol. I tried equipping the 1 mining laser it could hold and sitting in safer space, slowly plinking away at very common asteroid types, to the point where I actually destroyed a few completely – which I thought was pretty cool. This process took for-fucking-ever to even come close to filling my cargo hold, I went back to the station when I was about 2/3 full, after refining and selling I had made maybe 150-200k isk. Not bad, but I don’t know if it was worth the time. I later found out that I could have sold the ore (prior to refining it) for about 9 isk a piece to a guy who had a buy order on the ore. This means that I could have instantly turned that ore into 9 isk a piece, now usually, buy orders are priced much lower than the lowest price on the market. So if I had put them up for sale (not instant sale to the guy with the buy order), I probably could have made anywhere from 11-15 isk per unit of ore. This would have probably come close to doubling what I actually made. Which makes me a sad panda.

I did a bit of research and found that I could buy a Giant Secured Container, put it in space (0.7 security space and lower, only), anchor it in space so it will stay there for 30 days from the time it was last used, and then password protect it. I then figured out a way to make the ore gathering process feel much easier by using one of these containers, but when I asked in the rookie chat, was told that it wasn’t a good way. However, a good way was not provided and I’m assuming it is considered a bad idea because they assume I am in a corp who will help me, which I’m not and don’t plan to be just quite yet, so I still think it is a pretty good way (and has so far made it much easier to make money).

My plan was to anchor my storage container in 0.7 security space, at a location I had previously noted for having Omber which refines into a decent amount of Isogen (which sells for about 58 isk per unit), and move my Navitas and my Iteron ships to the station nearest the asteroid belt. From there I would equip my Navitas with 2 mining lasers and a mining drone and head out to where I placed the secure container. Fill up my cargo hold with Omber, put it in the container, repeat until container is filled. Then I would warp back to the station, switch my ship to my Iteron, fly back out there, empty the container into my hold and fly back to the station to refine it. This works very well since my Navitas can use 2 mining lasers, thus gathering ore twice as fast as my Iteron could, plus the drone which added 27 or so ore per mining cycle (a little, but something).

Though I have been making money, I have to spend it almost just as fast (plus I gave my friend 250k), spending it on skills as well as buying a couple overpriced items because I was too lazy to just make a couple jumps to go back to civilization and save 50% of the cost. I have been lucky to only encounter a couple of pirates (npc mobs) in my chosen asteroid belt, and I only had to dispatch them myself once as well. Which is the same time I purchased the overpriced hybrid turrets and ammunition, but I killed those sons of bitches and went back to mining.

Yesterday before I went out to the store I was going to just take my Iteron out there and leave him afk mining (I know, not a good idea in EVE, but Iterons got a decent amount of hp [mebbe] and I figured if anyone attacked me the guards would show up and rape em before they could take me down). As I undocked from the station, I saw a player waiting outside which I found odd, because I usually don’t see people here. His name was (I believe) “somethingtohide”, which made me wonder wtf he was all about, but I figured since he had a green name and green star (I believe this is some sort of newbie identification) he was no problem. I warped out to my asteroid belt and started making my way to my closest Omber asteroid. Before I even make it to the asteroid, I notice that “somethingtohide” is behind me and getting closer. Holy fuckin shit, I thought, what the fuck is this guy doing? It didn’t seem good, I didn’t want to find out, I don’t know how to find out lol, so I decided to abandon my afk mining idea and warped back to the station asap and logged out.

Little too scary imo. I now know to warp first to a different asteroid belt, then from there to another, to another (who knows how many times til I gotta lose the guy) and finally arrive at my actual destination. Now it is possible this guy wasn’t after me, but with a name like “somethingtohide” and knowing that people use “new player” looking characters to wtf rape people like me, I wasn’t about to risk it.

As for where I am currently standing, I have my eyes on I believe it is called an Exequror, which is a Gallente Cruiser class ship. It has I believe 4 turret points (4 mining lasers) and room for I think 8 mining drones (not sure the max limit you can have on those, 5 at least I believe, will have to train for that) and also has a larger cargo hold (close to twice what my current “mining ship” has). The biggest draw back is that I think there is only one for sale on the entire market at the low low price of 2.5 million isk. Now, tbh, this isn’t a lot of isk at all (especially considering my goal is 700 million so I can buy 60 days worth of game time) and though I have yet to go over 1 million isk- I did have 950k prior to giving my friend 250k. I also still have a few of the newb quest lines available which each give around 700k in total I believe. This morning before heading out I bought Gallente Cruiser I, started training it, as well as training Mining 4 (use of Mining II Lasers), so I should be set soon. I’ve still got a lot to figure out, but, I need to make 700 million before I can learn anything! Then I can take my sweet ass time.

On a side note I bought that new single player game at Target (when I went shopping), Star Trek Online. I don’t know if you know anything about it (I kind of still don’t) but, so far I feel like I’ve been playing a single player game. The space is completely different from EVE and the ground game seems like it could have some promise (space does too tbh). I figure I can be playing this a little bit here and there for a little change of pace. I also kind of wanted to play it before it died, not saying that it is going to, but I’ve been missing a few games that I considered trying (planned on trying) because they’re taken down before I get around to it. I don’t know if I’m a big fan of the “you don’t get experience for killing mobs, just doing quests” bullshit. Some guy almost pissed me off yesterday during my first “other people are around you” quest. Sure I get that he saw me as a team member and we were just killing the bad guys together, but imo, he was stealing my goram kills. Plus, he was following me wherever I went til I lost him (yes I know that he was not my crew mate lol). So far I’m wondering if I wasted $20, but, I’ll take it slowly and see how it pans out.

That is it bitches! Much love to all my peepo in the ‘sphere!


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