Dangerous Road Ahead

Tomorrow marks the 15th of October, which doesn’t really have any special meaning to me, other than I get paid and don’t have to pay rent with it. Which means, I can sub to EVE! As soon as this is done I will be able to upgrade my ship to an Iteron which has a bunch more cargo space. Cargo space is very important for a miner such as myself, my current ship can only mine an asteroid 2-3 times before it is full, the Iteron has I believe 10 times as much cargo space.

In order to obtain my Iteron I need to finish the 10 out of 10 Industry quest (for newbs). This quest actually makes me craft the ship and then gives it to me as a reward. I have most of the required materials except for a couple of the rarer ones. A day or two ago I began venturing into .8 and .7 security space to look for asteroids that weren’t Veldspar, Scordite, or Plagioclase and was only able to find Omber and then an Ice asteroid belt. Since I didn’t have an ice mining laser I just skipped over that one pretty quickly. When refining the Omber I was able to amass a fair amount of some of the more rare than “Tritanium/Pyerite/Mexallon” and less rare than “what I am still looking for” materials.

Instead of going deeper into less secure space I decided to just google the names of the asteroids that will refine into the materials I still need. From what I found (somewhat outdated) it looks as though I will need to venture into .4 security space and lower. This is pretty damn scary as I know pirates spawn in lower security space’s asteroid belts, I know I’ve already ran into one in a .7 security asteroid belt, and I would assume the ones in lower security space would be much stronger. Not to mention running into other players who can rape my face off by just blowing on me.

Now you may be wondering, can’t you just buy those few materials you still need? Well, yes I can. But where is the fun in that? Sure I may only need 3 of one and 2 of the other, but hey, my ship is fully insured (not to mention I have the materials to craft another one, just need a blueprint which I could possibly even make myself, dunno) so what have I got to lose amirite?

I know I recently made fun of Aion for bragging about their “beautiful scenery” and “flying”, but goram is EVE rutting beautiful or what? I love flying around the universe, I love the music (and that you can create your own playlists ingame with your own music), I even love the UI sounds which may seem weird. I have been training most of the skills I have to the point where if I were to train them again, each one would take 1 days time. I bought the learning skills and recently have been training them as well (forgot about them until I trained everything else).

So, tomorrow I will begin learning Gallente Industrial I (can’t be a trial player, also required to pilot Iteron) which I hope doesn’t take very long. Today I may attempt to go into lower security space in search of Hemorphite Asteroides. I may have to upgrade my refining a bit further to even be able to extract the resources needed from what I mine, but, you can train while you’re not playing, so, big whoop!

Ugh, ever since Wednesday I’ve been a day ahead (in my head). Here I am sitting in my casual Friday clothes, on Thursday, yep… Ahh, almost to the weekend.


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