You sure about that?

I received this little gem in my email recently.

If I enjoyed it so much, why did I cancel a week and a half before my subscription ended? Plus, is that the only good thing about your game? The visuals and being able to fly? Seriously? Double plus, what is with that BS subscription fee shit? That’s practically like getting 2 free months!!!111 LOLOLOLOL!!!!1111 Seriously? Fuck off.


4 thoughts on “You sure about that?

    • What kind? lol

      We actually failed yesterday and bought a pack and smoked the whole thing. Yesterday morning I walked into work early as shit, my limbs felt lighter, it was great. Today was right back to normal. Sucks, but its pretty good motivation.

      • I stopped all forms of smoking for 6 months and never felt better……… got wasted one night and woke up with a half smoked 20 pack…….. yup back on the smokes fo’ life.

        Fuck it rather burn out that fade away!

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