Too Little Too Late

I am not a fan of these, free for the weekend!!!111 promotions. Why? Because you never have time to download the actual game prior to the start of the promotion, for one. Now you may be saying, bonedead, why do you say for one as if there is another reason for you to dislike these promotions? Well, I will tell you.

Yep. The 7-10 Promotion was not knowledge to me until the 9th. I wouldn’t have played it either way because I just can’t play that game, but still, talk about fail. I checked that 2nd email this morning to see if it was mentioned in that one and it was not.

Plus, a 3 day free trial is nothing, how can you even have fun playing a game for 3 days and 3 days only? Personally I try to not make decisions on which game I want to buy a month of time for based on less than 3 days of playing.

Too little, too late, imo!


2 thoughts on “Too Little Too Late

  1. lets face it its a horrendous game outright 😉 In all seriousness I agree that the ‘free weekend’ deals do little to entice players to return specifically if the game client has to be downloaded again. (mental note stop removing games off of my hard drive when i may return )

    • If only it was that easy heh. I get to the point where I’ve got 10gb free on my hard drive so I just go through uninstalling anything I haven’t touched in over a month. I didn’t want to say that the game was horrible only because with my new clear head, perhaps I would like it more than I did the first go around, however I don’t really plan on playing it again (with this kind of crap almost sealing the deal).

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