Captain Indecisive Strikes Again!

I just can’t make myself play Darkfall. I wish I could, I want to get far in it and be a solo beast and join a clan and raid peoples cities and shit, but, I’m not gonna lie to you or myself, I just don’t want to play that game. Today is day 5 without my beloved weed and as my head starts to clear I believe it is affecting my gaming (pretty damn sure in fact). I can no longer force myself to push through boring shit. I find that the games which I’m able to play for long amounts of time are single player games. This is quite odd for me due to normally being incredibly anti-single player games.

Today is also day 2 of no cigarettes, for not only myself but my fiance as well. Let’s just say that shit is a little tense around the house lol, lots of snappiness and rawrfaces goin on. But, we will push through the BS. Anyways, on to less real life related topics.

No more Darkfall, I just can’t, I wont, and that is that. So, where do I go from here? Well, I’ve been reading a little again (just rereading Siddhartha) as well as watching movies and tv shows. For my single player fix I have been running through Half-Life 1, I don’t believe I ever actually beat the game but instead watched my brother do it. After that I’ll move on to HL2 followed by a recently gifted HL2 Episode 1 that my friend threw my way via Steam (I think he got the gift when he bought the Orange Box). On the MMO front, I have decided a 14 Day Free Trial return to a game I’ve not played in quite some time. This new decision was inspired by pretty much my favorite TV Series/Movie, Firefly/Serenity. The scene that sparked the decision was in the movie, when they lure the reavers to Mr. Universe’s and right into the alliance fleet. I believe you may now know which game I have chosen. If not, well, you will soon enough.


2 thoughts on “Captain Indecisive Strikes Again!

  1. Strange I’ve been the same with Darkfall, I’ve been herbing/chopping/mining and also farming trolls and Goblins but I have to admit Im almost forcing myself to play which is pretty weird as I really enjoyed my first night back.

    Good luck on giving up the smokes and the green, I am just a regular smoker these days and I’ve got patches sitting next to my computer desk and an Allan Carr book Im too scared to finish incase it works 😉

    • Hehe. The cigs are looking to be a permanent decision, the green is a temporary thing just to clear my head and make sure I’m still doin it right (pretty sure I am, the dui and all that shit has really brought a lot out of me I didn’t know I had).

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