I find that when I play Darkfall I become more angry. Now this isn’t an, in general, kind of angry. It is more of a, why do all these people who don’t care about this game, actually care about it so much, kind of angry. I browse the usual outlets for MMOs that I do and instead of skipping over the Darkfall posts I now read them. Of course, many people aren’t like me and they must read and comment on every friggin post whether they hate the game or not. This fucking pisses me off so god damn much. I don’t go posting on Barbie and Ken doll blogs, because I don’t give a shit about Barbie and Ken dolls, I have no opinion on them. Sure, I could post a few paragraphs saying how fucking stupid Barbie dolls are and how there is no way in hell I’d be caught dead with one, but what is the point?

Maybe I’m just thin skinned when it comes to people talkin trash about my MMOs, maybe I feel like I know more about MMOs than a lot of people and thus believe my opinion to be far superior, maybe I feel like WoW has really diluted the community I used to love. MMOs used to be exclusive, you didn’t play them because 8 million other people played them, you played them because you were escaping into a different world and you did so with many like minded people. Let’s be honest, the majority of the population (of the world) isn’t as educated as you are. There are a shit ton of stupid people, their numbers are growing incredibly (see: Idiocracy), and due to such an influx of stupidity it is spreading to areas where it should not be. You know, like, being a leader of a country or representing a large number of people with your own interests in mind, completely forgetting that your job is for those you represent.

I know it seems like I just hate WoW. I fucking do, don’t get me wrong, and shit I even play it from time to time. I know that many of you (many of you 4 people who read this) had WoW as your first MMO, but you know I like you. You’re open to the idea that there was something else before WoW that shaped this community, that this community was built on, and that WoW is not the definition of an MMO. My problem is not you guys. My problem is that a certain large percentage of 8 zillion people are not open minded, are stupid as shit, yet somehow have deluded themselves into thinking otherwise. It is these stupid fucking kids and adult babies that make me angry. They’re the people like my fiance’s mother’s boyfriend. He treats her like shit, hasn’t worked in fucking forever, and plays WoW all the live long day. I know that he is commonplace in WoW, but he wouldn’t tell you that if you were his guildy, he would make himself out to be way less of a shit bag than that.

Ugh, its late, I gotta get to work. So fucking angry. Hate fucking people so much.


4 thoughts on “Anger

  1. Well, you could try accepting that the MMO intellectual landscape has changed, for one thing, and adapt a more aggressive stance towards civility to others. It’s not exactly the most time-effective strategy, but better than feeling annoyed at people, I suppose.

    • I find myself not even replying most of the time. I’ve already flown off the handle too many times to count when replying, sometimes resorting to personal attacks, and that just isn’t who I want to be. Ugh, you’re right though. I mean I get it, I think what I know is 100% true, and they think what they know is 100% true. It is as if I am an older person trying to tell younger people about the “back in my day” things and they just shrug it off. It is quite funny now, thinking of it that way, because I’m sure a lot of those “younger” people are older than me.

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