I feel pretty damn good today, already! Sure getting up sucked but I got a small fire lit under me, got my shit done, and voila – already feelin good! I was dragging my feet (as usual) and then remembered a client was showing up at 8:30 so, oh shit, I started hurrying a lot. Moved money around, wrote rent check, repay loan to work check for lawyer fees (zomg lawyer fees are big as shit), did all that and still made it to work before 8:30 (I used to be here at 7:30 almost daily, but now that I can drive myself again…. lol), so, fuck yeah. Client already came in and it was quick pleasantries and that was it. Since that was the biggest thing on my plate today (client interaction wise, scheduled wise) it’s like the hardest part is already over.

I’m feeling frisky, which is why I will be embedding two videos of awesomeness that I haven’t seen in a while and I believe I have previously embedded here before.

Nothing in game news on my front really. Aion is still there. SWGEmu (link on right) wiped and introduced the OR (Object Restructure) code yesterday. I’ve started playing CS:S and even a little CS a bit. Other then that I’ve been having a Harry Potter marathon, cus I’m gay like that. (Hey, at least I have never and will never see Twilight)

Without further ado, the funny!:

Some of my favorite lines:
Let’s make apple juice and fax it to each other
Cheddar Cheese

Some of my favorite lines:
I wanna be a pancake, Tuesday
…Shit Face?

Happy happy happy happy happy happy duurrr durrr its a happy happy happy happy happy happy durrr durrr. Anyways, thats all for my craziness.

Have a good Friday and a good weekend, everybody!

edit– YAY 300th Post!


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