A Few Minor Things

First of all, fuck you spammers. I’ve had a new spam comment almost every day for the last week, this is very new to me, and even though I just have to click 2-3 times to delete it, I don’t like it. Fuck you, suck my balls, you’re never going to get through so stop trying.

Alright! Next on the list is that tomorrow is kind of a big day for me. I have a meeting with my lawyer and after that I get to go sit in the DMV for fucking ever, hopefully I get in, if I do I should be walking out with a business license which means I can drive for most of my daily activities again! Yaaaay!

It has been so difficult riding shotgun to my fiance, one because she is a woman and we all know how they drive, two because she scares the crap out of me when she drives, and three because I am a better driver. Can’t wait!

That is about it, a few is 3 or more, I only said 2 things, I are liar!


2 thoughts on “A Few Minor Things

  1. Good luck chief hope it works out.

    I actually like my spam and have been tempted to approve the funny ones (whilst removing the link etc) some are pretty special and have a little bit of effort in them.

    P.s hope you are kiddin with regards to returning to Aion….. Just wait for cataclysm i tell ya

    • I don’t think I’m gonna want to play Cataclysm to be honest. I mean we all know they’re not really adding anything and the end game will be the same as it is now, which is an end game that is not for me. As for Aion, I don’t know. I talk to my friend at work on aim and we get to reminiscing about duoing when Aion first came out, then I remember how fun the Abyss was at times. Then I remember how slow the leveling started to get but right after that I think, they just increased xp rewards so maybe its not so bad anymore. Very confuzzled, sticking with DAoC for now fo sho.

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