Wewt Wewt

I may have mentioned previously (I don’t remember what I write here) that I was farming glass on my Ranger (after saying this I stopped playing my Ranger lol), well, I started playing my Ranger again. I thought that the only use for glass was to buy Master Levels, well, I was wrong! Apparently you can buy Artifact encounter credit (each artifact has an encounter which is kinda like a public quest or one time drop, kill the mob or mobs and tada, you got credit) which I assumed previously was just credit for the encounter (which it is), from that point I assumed you would have to go to the market place and find someone selling that artifact at a probably inflated price. However, this is not the case. A vendor right next to the artifact encounter credit vendor sells the scrolls for the books (each artifact has a book), you turn in the book to the correct NPC and they give you the artifact!

So, now I am the proud owner of 2 artifacts! I picked up the Golden Scarab Vest (I’ve seen it used in a template on VN, so, could go either way lol) and Mariasha’s Sharkskin Gloves. I mainly picked these two because they have archery speed bonuses, which is just what I want. I ventured out into big boy RvR a bit last night and found myself roaming the middle ground between large standoffs, then I found that every stealther in the world does that, and got raped. But, the biggest thing I noticed was that other archers could shoot me, while I was stealthed, from a long ways away. Well, those Gloves I just got once leveled up, will give me that same ability 😀 (and by those gloves, I mean the ring I’m getting next but don’t have-ninja edit)! I also noticed that people were shooting me really fuckin fast, which is why I went for the speed bonus.

I am pretty excited now, I can’t believe I fucking missed that, I could’ve done this so long ago! Anyways, I stayed up last night longer than I have been this week and am actually tired this morning. I managed to get my artifacts to level 2, I tried to farm some more glass from Colossus but was too tired to be competent and failed. This weekend is looking quite promising with this newfound goodness!

Hope everyone enjoys their gaming this weekend!
Bonedead. Out!


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