A new old way to play

I have been playing DAoC rather extensively as of late, but for some reason I just don’t feel like I’m getting enough done in-game. This could be due to the fact that I for some reason can’t play any of my level 50s and have been making alt after alt, but that is beside the point. I have also been spending a little less time with my fiance, kinda, she sits right next to me the whole time but it is hard to find my chair rolled by her desk for 30 mins without it rolling back to my desk.

Well, yesterday I decided to spend some more time with her watching her favorite (horrible) shows. Before I knew it, the time had reached 9 PM, which is usually when we start winding down, line up a nice movie/tv playlist, and head to bed. But last night I asked her how late she wanted to stay up. Just asking that helped her stay up til 10 PM. Then I said that I kinda want to play my game and stay up later, but that I wanted it to be okay with her. Well, she said that would be just fine, because she thinks she sleeps better when she falls asleep with me out of the bed (aka, in the middle of the bed).

So last night I stayed up until 11:30, like a real champ! It was so great, I slept just fine, I woke up fine, feeling quite fine, and now I am at work feeling fine. I think I may start doing this more regularly, which of course opens more doors. Maybe after a few nights it catches up with me and I do begin to feel tired, who knows?

I’ve been playing a Mercenary (Half-Ogre) in the realm of Albion, he is currently level 22. I started my late night play session at level 20.8 and was able to get up to 22 while also getting around 100 RPs as well. I was playing in Thidranki (the 20-24 BG) and was having much better luck than earlier in the day. Most of my RPs came from running solo, though I did group a few times (I even typed /reg lfg, crazy huh). I wonder what I’m going for sometimes with this month subscription, I don’t really have a plan except to play and try and have fun.

I know the thought in my mind should be end game, which is something I’ve really never experienced, believe it or not. I’ve had the game since 2001 (release year) and still haven’t really felt like I’ve experienced end game content. Sure I’ve gone on a dragon raid, done some master level encounters requiring groups, and even been a part of an 8 man rvr group for a week or so (how do you think my skald got his RPs? lol), but I still don’t feel like I’ve done it. I want that feeling. I want to beat DAoC, so to speak.

Perhaps my new old way to play will help me accomplish this goal.


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