Post with no substance


Last night I finally had a great DAoC experience since my return (which is now official). I started out playing my big guys (now have 3 level 50s, 2 on the one account I reactivated with a 45 and 49 as well) but have since created a few alts. For some reason I really like leveling fast, but I was getting burned out on the PvE and each attempt I made to PvP was a failure. Until last night on my newest alt, a cave shaman.

I found a hibby running a tank/bot with the bot stuck onto his tanks butt. I waited til he was fighting mobs (bot was purple con and tank was red) and figured, okay, he’s got to be paying attention to his tank because that is the one fighting the mobs, so I opened up my casting on his bot. I get his bot under half health and his tank turns and charges towards me with mobs beating on his ass. I turn to run a little bit, swinging my camera around to look behind me, as soon as he turned around, I did too and started casting on his tank. After a lot of back and forth I was able to take down the bot and the tank with a little help from the mobs (actually began using the mobs as weapons by luring the guy to walk near them and get hit.

A bit later I see another duo, except this one is obviously two people. Both were Orange con (I had leveled twice I believe) and I pretty much did the same thing to them. Let the tank guy fight the mobs, attack the caster (don’t think he had heals, probably dps caster) and kill him, throw a dot on the tank and kite him. Tada, victory yet again.

I then got greedy and went to the hibs leveling area (they had been invading mine) and found another guy with a bot on his ass leveling next to the last two guys I killed. I try to go for this new guy and mucked it up a bit. This fight ended in me running for my life being chased by 4 people until the tank from the caster/tank duo I just beat caught me and used some behind style to stun me. Then everyone surrounded me and raped my face off.

I also died to the original tank/bot guy once after this. I also beat him another time after that. Then I couldn’t find anyone to beat up on so I went back to leveling. In regional chat a skald said that they were taking the ck and for anyone who wants to join to do so. So I ran over to the ck, joined with these 4 people, waited for another to arrive and took the ck. No resistance whatsoever so it wasn’t really exciting, but it was some nice icing on the cake.

This was in the Hills of Claret, the 10-14 BG, so it wasn’t anything amazing but it was quite fun. That first fight I was so in the zone, once I had won I came back to real life and could barely believe that I had just done that.

Anyways, that is my plan for this weekend. That and some Master Chef (hosted by Gordon Ramsay) with the lady. Come on 5 o’clock!


2 thoughts on “Post with no substance

  1. I keep trying to convince myself to try DAoC as I hear all these epic pvp tales about it but my friend said the magic has gone with it after an expansion was introduced.

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