I’m getting old :(

Man, does this suck or what lol. I can’t even fight it, though that is exactly the only thing I can think to do. What am I talking about? Young, dumb, new to MMO fuckheads. They are god damn everywhere and yet again I feel bad about acting like such a douche years ago.

I went to resub to DAoC and was rewarded with 10 days of free time (I’m assuming most inactive DAoC accounts are eligible for this). There is only one cluster now, Ywain, every server has the housing areas up still, but that is it, so you log in on your old server and type /freexfer Ywain1-10 (picking the server to transfer to), but if you are level 50 and from the Classic servers you must talk to the Accountant NPC in front of you when you log in, and do the gift quest (accept/turn in instantly). This quest awards you with (I think 5, that is how many I got) little items which you will be able to turn in for Master Level experience (for Trials of Atlantis). This is awarded to Classic server toons only, as the classic servers did not have ToA content.

Since I have somewhat returned, this also means I have returned to the talking grounds for DAoCers, the great VN Boards hosted by IGN. This is turning out to be quite the mistake and disappointment. What happened to all of the old people? I’m talking late 20s (and not retarded) and up, the adults, the people who work full time and play in their free time. I never thought I would say that I missed them, but I fucking do. Can I even blame WoW? It is the first place I want to lay my blame. All of these old games that I loved are now hollow shells covered in graffiti and the communities that I also once loved are now filled to the brim with jerkoff kids doing and saying the same stupid things I once did.

You may be wondering how I can blame WoW for this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure some of these fucktards played DAoC back in the day as annoying 12 year olds (I can tell this by their VN Boards join date), but lets not lie to ourselves. What game can you guarantee brought more young kids into the MMO genre than WoW? There isn’t one. Because pretty much any type of gamer you can describe was introduced to the MMO genre mostly by WoW, unless you’re describing the type of player who played MMOs before WoW.

It’s just very disappointing. I go play SWG and find out that theres a shit ton of ridiculous kids running rampant all over the shit. I return to DAoC hoping to find the few people who still love the game and see that everyone started playing 2 years ago and are a bunch of fuckin shitfaces. Ugh!

I always thought as I got older I’d slowly merge into the older people group and finally be a part of the “majority” (back then it seemed like a majority of MMOers were older/mature) yet thanks to fucking WoW as I’m merging into the older group, I’m leaving the fucking majority and re-entering the minority. I just can’t win lol.

I’ve been considering pulling a Pitrelli recently. I can’t do that until I have a plan for returning though. I dunno.

Anyways, god damn kids, got off my lawn!

P.S. I never thought I’d be going to play Counter-Strike to interact with adults.


4 thoughts on “I’m getting old :(

  1. haha ‘pulling a Pitrelli’

    On your topic I think its hard to pinpoint the immaturity and where it stems from, I do indeed think WoW has a case to answer for considering they have brought a shit load of younger players in but hell even the older players can behave like spoiled brats, I think its unfortunately the norm for peoples online persona if you will. Its kinda why i was one of the few who supported real id as it would hold people more accountable for their actions.

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