Hope and Despair on the Same Horizon

WTF does that bullshit mean, bonedead?!? Amirite?

Well, the team at SWGEmu has been dilligently working on the OR (object restructure – rewrite of the whole game to iron out a crap ton of bad code) while we blindly fall in love with the current code on Nova, knowing that some day all our work will be wiped. Well, that day is coming nearer my friends. Though it does seem like losing everything you’ve worked on will really suck, at the same time, it doesn’t.

I’ve been using a 250-650 damage Powerhammer pretty much my whole time playing. I paid 200k credits for it and everytime I see a chance to upgrade the hammer in question sells for 500k to upwards of 1 million credits. We’re talking around the same minimum damage with only +100-150 max damage as well as anywhere from 0-3 faster speed (default/mine is 6 speed, 1 is cap). So pretty much, the economy sucks right now. Unless I were to devote all of my game time to making money (oh wait, I do) then there is no way I’m upgrading my weapon anytime soon. But now, it seems that I won’t have to.

There are rumors that the wipe will happen at the end of this month. We will supposedly get a weeks notice prior to the wipe. I feel that it is coming very soon. It all goes back to an old forum post where a guy was leaving the game and giving away his uber fortune. He had so much good stuff, like multiples of the best weapons (like 1400 max damage powerhammers), and it got me thinking about exactly how he got all of that stuff. Sure, a lot of it was probably found when you still could find some of that crazy loot (recent loot nerf hurt the newer players even more than the economy already was), but I don’t know. I just feel like he knew it was coming.

So, if the rumors are true, how should I act? Do I keep playing as though these characters are not going to be deleted? Or do I give away my stuff and stop playing til the OR hits? Ever since I began to see how the cards were stacked against me economically I’ve been wanting a wipe extremely bad. There is nothing I’d rather like to do than start fresh with all of the people who got ahead by questionable means (and then acted like complete douchebags) and actually get ahead of them. It would be like when a new MMO releases and you just live in the game for a week or two while your real life passes you by. That would be nice!

But, not playing SWGEmu anymore will certainly free up a lot of time for… something. Probably CS:S which I think I may finally be in the top 50 on my favorite server. Its not the top 10, but, I’ll take it fosho.

Anyways, that is it. Laters!


2 thoughts on “Hope and Despair on the Same Horizon

  1. I’d definitely be able to do that. I’d probably walk ya around and show you the basics to get you started on your profession grind (if you choose to make a combat toon) and then let you go wild. From that point on I’d go do my thang and answer any questions you have, and if I were to get any loot you could use that I could not, I’d hold it for ya. Later on down the road when we’re nearing the end of our templates we can team up and kill the big dogs for some phat lewts so that we can eventually rule the PvP as an ambiguously gay duo.

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