The same title we title every post, Pinky

Trying to take over the world!

I’ve undertaken a task appointed by myself to create a Doctor in SWGEmu so that I can buff myself when I wake up at 5AM on Saturday to get to the good spawns that are no longer camped due to people sleeping. This would also save me 10-15k every 2 hours of farming, which isn’t much, but if I am able to get my buffs to a decent level then I will be able to sell buffs for 10k to people and with the way the Doctor situation is currently going, there should be a decent amount of people looking for some boofs!

This operation is taking many more characters than it should, due to harvester bugs with the Emu code. You can pretty much only put harvesters on one planet, and then you can’t leave that planet until you pick them up, or when you come back they will be gone and your lots will still be taken up. Since higher level crafted items have much more specific requirements (ie: tattooinian fiberplast or talusian water vapor) I need to get resources off of 4-5 Planets. So I made a bunch of harvesters, spread them to my characters, got all my characters Novice Artisan so they can survey for resources to find places to drop the harvestors, and found places to put em all down. Now there is one item I have completely forgotten about which happens to be quite important, avian meat.

I’ve currently got my main crafter with the highest surveying skill on Rori farming domesticated oats due to them being very high quality (probably not server best, but definitely pretty good). Before I left this morning I had about 100k of it. This resource alone has already greatly improved my final products. Prior to these oats I was making Stim Ds with around 300 power. Using these I can make 490-540 power Stim Ds. Using these newly crafted Stims on my Doctor (improved injury treatment = heals for more) I am able to heal pretty much my whole bar, which is pretty damn nice.

Anyways, for some reason I just wanted to mention this as it took up most of my playtime this weekend. This week when I get home I don’t even log in really because it is now just a waiting game, let the harvesters do their job and then move all the resources to my Doc, grind some avian meat from somewhere (hopefully there is something decent currently in rotation), and then grinding out Doctor crafting (and healing I guess) to get to Master Doctor.

After that I’ll try to get around to grinding out Weaponsmith as well, that would be nice, then I could possibly make myself a nice friggin Powerhammer that can replace what I’m currently swingin. Then of course I would work on Armorsmith, because, why not lol. Then I’ll forget to finally get to Jedi and the server will get wiped and I’ll have wasted all this damn time!

Haha, I’ll do this Doc stuff, then go for Jedi more, then we’ll see.



2 thoughts on “The same title we title every post, Pinky

    • I didn’t think they were really on at the same time. But I’m a fan of powdered toast man and log (its big, its heavy, its wood – its log, log, its better than bad its good!) as much as the next guy. Its funny looking back at Ren & Stimpy because some of that animation was just so gross looking, yet I never once thought that as a youngin.

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