Quick SWGEmu Update

This weekend had plenty of server downtime, which sucked, not just because I couldn’t play but also because I finally had someone coming to play with me and this would have been his first weekend. Pretty much the entire month before this weekend (30 days, not July 1-weekend) I had experienced lag maybe twice. My friend hasn’t seen anything besides lag, so, not good! I just hope he sticks with it and doesn’t get angreh!

I’ve been working on making/handing out the 100 free Swoops, as I agreed to. It is pretty tough work lol, I did not know what I was getting myself into when I signed on to this. My first day I gave out 12 the next day was maybe 4, and since then I’ve given away a total of 20 (and I forgot to write the last guys name down, arg!). Shit is a lot harder than it sounds.

My first day in Eisley after giving away the 12 I was pretty sure people had caught on and were creating alts, so I had to move shop. I traded some to my main guy and let him give them out to people he trains or random people waiting for shuttles. I kinda wish it was just over already, but, gotta do what we gotta do! I’m probably going to make a post offering a free one to anyone who wants one and is relatively new to the server (no more than 2 professions mastered!), telling them to post their in game name for the toon they plan to pick it up on, which must have less than 2 professions mastered. Then I make a list of the names and announce a couple times when I’ll be standing outside of the Coronet starport. I can also stand around Eisley and announce the thread on the forums before they’re all spoken for, so that almost everyone has a chance. Huzzah, a plan!

I’ve been working on an alt, almost master Marksman. Going for some Commando/BH/Defense/little Medic guy. Plan on maybe hunting some Jedi with him, maybe. I’ll probably suck ass, but, hey, maybe I’ll get lucky. I want to use the super guns, the flame thrower, heavy acid rifle, and lightning cannon. I would love to use rocket launchers and beam launchers but they don’t work yet, sadface! I probably won’t be very good with that spec until I deck myself out in armor/clothing attachments for my weapons accuracy/damage, but I’d like to think I’ll do okay. My defense might suck a shit ton, but who knows, I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. I just put a bid on a nice heavy acid rifle, quite the steal imo, 100k. Most of the weapons I’ve got aren’t the top tier shit, by far, but they’re way better than newb stuff and I’ve gotten them all for under 200k each.

I started working on my Jedi rumors again yesterday. I found some Janta Primalists (only found a spawn of 2 in the Stronghold) and killed around 20. Went to town, found an NPC with a new rumor, kliknik warriors. Go to Yavin 4, get 5 kliknik missions, 1 is kliknik warriors, kill around 20 kliknik warriors and stopped. Usually you have to wait a few hours after doing them back to back before you can get a new one. So I believe that I will be on my 10th rumor when I start my next one, which is about halfway I think. Sure would be nice to unlock a Jedi, though, the closer I get the scarier it seems. As a Jedi you can be hunted by bounty hunters (other players that probably have good gear that will rape your face) and the way they find you is through a bounty hunter mission terminal. Now to show up on the mission terminal, you have to use your jedi powers, and you’re pretty much ranked (I believe) on the terminal by how much you have used (aka, how long you’ve been using your powers that day – again, I think this is how it works) your powers. So, a freshly created Jedi, goes out into the wild to hide from people, just grinding on mobs all the live long day. Is that incoming blue dot just a passer by or a bounty hunter coming for your newb ass?

We shall see! Can’t wait.


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