What the hell is broccoli anyway?

Just wanted to point out a few things that I think are important to the blogosphere. One is a good post on Games and Geekery with information regarding Final Fantasy 14. Pitrelli is celebrating one year of blogging, congrats to him.

Alright, update time, what have I been doing?

SWGEmu and CS:Source.

SWG Emu is slowly nearing end game like stages, on my combat toon anyways. I have figured out (just about) a template for him, though I am constantly trying to unlock my Jedi, force sensitive, character slot (and seem to be progressing quite nicely). My plan is to go Master Swordsman, Master Brawler (have it), one branch of the Pikeman and Pistoleer trees, and some medic skills thrown in for good measure. I kinda want the Fencer defense skills as well but, I’d have to give up Master Brawler which means no more Lunge 2 which makes knocking down enemies real gay (apparently knocking them down is ftw).

So there is that. My Weaponsmith hasn’t progressed much, still 1xx1. Most of his xp comes from making Weapon Upgrade Kits for my Smuggler to use on the weapons that my Combat dude finds which are handed to my Weaponsmith to sell on the bazaar. I’ve been making a lot of Swoops to sell in Eisley, these are pretty good money. I plan on getting a new weapon soon. I need to buy some acklay bones or some shit and get 200k together (take a little but gotta do it) because a nice Weaponsmith is offering to craft weapons for 200k, all you need is the money and your own krayt tissues (ranged) or acklay bones (melee). Should be hard!

The Jedi system works like such. You type /check and get a message saying you feel no connection to the force, barely, faint sense of a connection, strong, surging, etc. A lot of people are stuck at Barely. I am at faint which means I can do Jedi Rumors which involve talking to npcs until one says something about jedi rumors and tells you to kill a certain mob. Find that mob, kill like 20 or so (random, can be higher than 20) and then talk to npcs and get another rumor. I’m on my 6th rumor, after I master a profession I should bump up from faint to something else. Then do a total of 20 rumors, and should be ready to use a holocron and become a jedi. Lets not focus on the fact that holocrons cost 20-35 million credits, thats nothing….

But the plan is to be able to kill stuff that can drop them anyways. Of course a jedi could do this but you cant be a jedi until you get a jedi which you cant do until you get a holocron so, back to making a guy capable of getting a holocron.

Anyways, thats SWG so far.

CS:Source got some achievements! I’ve been working on those a little bit (as you can see in my xfire – swgemu doesnt show up).

Here is a link to my steam achievements page.

My “rarest” achievement is Spray n Pray. Kill 2 enemies while blinded by a flashbang. Just so you know, I could still see (a rittle bit), so I don’t think the name is very fitting.

Sorry for cutting this post short, gotta get back to work!


4 thoughts on “What the hell is broccoli anyway?

  1. Thanks for the link πŸ™‚

    I’ve had a look at the FFXIV beta stuff and tbh it looks a bit …… *looks for a PC word* camp for my liking.

    All carebear and elf stuff. The graphics look pretty good but combat looks rough, sure its beta but it just looks so slooooooow. Still with a September release I may give it a whirl if Cataclysm is stalling.

    • I should be thanking you as you linked first! Glad to hear you got back on your Legacy quest, thats the only way to go for a while, but it will go quickly. The hard part is after the Legacy quest (where I always get stuck) and figuring out where to go/what to do to further advance. You’ll wanna try and do your 10 bonus xp missions a day as well, now and later.

      If you get a little bored, roll a structures trader, the crafting/resource systems in SWG are pretty much the best out there imo.

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