In Game Advertisements

Good thing, bad thing? IMO it doesn’t matter. Some will say that the sky is falling and ZOMG every game is going to have these now!!!!!! ZOMG!!!!!

That is not the case. APB (All Points Bulletin) has recently mentioned that they are going to have advertisements in game each time you switch districts or once every 3 hours in the same district. Now, I don’t know what a district is, but if it is like a zone in any other MMO that means it is separated by levels, which means you’re probably not going to go from one level zone to another in 3 hours unless you’re close when you started playing. Anyways, you might see it once an hour. Big friggin whoop imo.

The only other game that I am aware of (I’m sure theres more) that has ads ingame is Anarchy Online. However, the original game (without expansions) is 100% free, so I think that is quite justified. Sure gatorade and pizzahut don’t seem like they belong on billboards in the futuristic alien game but you’re only going to see if it you’re playing for free which usually means you’re not going to play very long term or will play very sporadically, so it shouldn’t affect you anyway.

What bothers me more than things like this is something a lot of people probably don’t think about (because I’m thinkin outside the box!, YEAH!) because you just deal with it now. I personally can’t think of one game to be an example for this but I know they exist.

So you’re going to play your favorite game and man you just can’t wait. You open it, wait a minute for the logos to go by, and now it is mofuggin clobberin time mofugger. Log in, pick your toon of choice for the day, and load into where you last were.

I already mentioned the problem. The logos that you can’t click through or esc through. You have to sit there and wait for these logos to fade in and out. Why? Because you need to know who made this thing! Amirite?! LOOK AT THE LOGOS, LOOOOK AT THEM! Because forking out $50+ initially and $15 a month isn’t enough homage to these companies, no, we must have one minute of silence as we gaze over their beautiful logos, instead of their beautiful work of art (the GAME), makes sense right? WRONG.

I mean sure, it is only a minute, but it is still a dick move. You know what I would like to see added back into these games? CREDITS! Hit max level? Roll credits! Defeat the last boss in the hardest dungeon? Roll credits! Shit you could even divvy the credits up and only show them for certain things and only show the people who worked on that specific thing. Credits always made the “I did it” feeling that much better.

Thoughts, comments? Lemme know!


4 thoughts on “In Game Advertisements

  1. Hmm Im in two minds, while part of me thinks its not a big deal the other part of me shouts out at the obvious greed. This isnt on par with blizzards sparkly pony but then you could chose not to buy the pony where as you are stuck with advertisements unless of course you stump up additional cash.

    With APBs audio adverts which can only be switched off by paying more money, this would be fine imo if it was a free to play game however it isnt it is a subscription based game. Add to the fact that it doesnt seem to be a standard MMO i.e. no levels, mainly player generated content (to an extent) it shouts out that it wont have a particularly long shelf life (again just my opinion).

    I think perhaps in APBs case its there to squeeze out as much cash as they can in the short term, I’ll go on record and predict they will drop their subscription fees in 6 months and move to a cash shop + more audio adverts 😉

  2. Just to add I think there is also a big difference between audio and visual adverts, to me audio seems a bit more intrusive. With visual ads they can fit and blend in and even add to atmosphere/ realism to an extent – depending on the product and setting (i.e. billboards in a game like Champions Online or Fallen Earth)

    • Dunno why your comments were moderated, stupid wordpress imo!

      I did not know the APB ads were audio, that does make it a bit different. But still, you’ll hear maybe one an hour. If you like the game then you can understand that they need to do that in order for you to keep playing.

      But yeah, you’re probably dead on with APB. Everyone thought it was going to be an MMO and it is apparently a glorified Diablo 2/Counter Strike hybrid. Yet another example of how hyping your dumb game and making it seem like something it is not isn’t going to trick anyone, and just isn’t going to work. Take money out of advertising and put it into development imo!

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