Stop changing your mind so much!

I know, right!

I respecced my DK from DPS to a tanking spec and bought some Cobalt plate (+defense lvl 70) and it took some mustering but I queued for a 5 man as a tank and waited. I was soon whisked away to Utgarde Keep where I promptly notified my team to bear with me if need be as this was my first time tanking. Well I failed a little, really quickly, and our healer left with a DPS. I almost gave up right then but I figured, shit, I can do better, mebbe! So we get a new healer and DPS and try again. Fail again, healer says it wasn’t his fault, dk tank sucks lol. Ugh! I talk a bit with them, I’m doing everything EJ says to do (if anything my defense rating isn’t high enough, maybe I could use higher expertise, I don’t know), and we try one more time in which I failed again. I was then kicked from the group! First time for everything, sure it sucked, but what can I do? I did what I could.

So I figured, I’ve leveled this guy as Frost DPS, it is what I’m used to, it is what my purpose was. So I respecced to DPS, bought some Spiked Cobalt (dps plate, same lvlish), and began queuing as DPS. Well, I believe this DPS spec was better than my old one because I’m doing a shit ton more DPS than I was before. Like, 1200, top of the list, lvl 74 dps. I don’t know how well that compares to other classes my level, but I’ve been leading DPS meters since, and that is always a very nice feeling.

I wanted to tank, sure, I stilll could even. I believe the best way to go is to DPS and if the tank skips on tanking gear then I can need for my off spec and have a suit before I just dive in. I’m fine with this and would even prefer it kinda. Once I’m 80 and raking in the triumph badges shit will be right back where I want it.

Honestly it is one of the most rewarding PvE experiences I’ve had. That being, grinding 5 man dungeons and raising my gearscore from 3k to almost 5k. I feel that after I’ve done it twice I may be more inclined to step into the raiding arena or perhaps even the PvP arenas (but I may hold off on the PvP until after the raiding due to the advantage and such).

Anyways, fucking work! Laters.


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