Man your own jackhammer!

Man your battle stations!

Yeah buddy! That is right! Fuck yeah! Wooooo!

Well, that was fun. Anyways, what the fuck do I type here? Are you wondering if I have raided yet? Well, surprise! I haven’t. You must be so shocked right now, huh? I know, it really is amazing that I’ve not done something that I said I was going to do, shocking!

So, to explain why not, besides of course fear! Well, I’ve been trying hard to get my Dk to 80, he is currently 71. But I don’t even know if that is what I want to do, because that would mean I have a plan! Can’t have that now can I? Nope, no sir-e. Anyways, the past couple days have been less WoW oriented, weird, I know. I’ve started watching Bones, it is pretty funny at times, I like characters like these. Anyways, who fuckin cares about TV amirite?

My tank friend has gone to NYC for a week, like a dick, leavin me alone for a goddamn week to fend for myself right after we join a guild! Sumbitch! Rawr! I kinda have a challenge from him to get my DK to 80 before he gets back. I think I can do it, really levels 70-80 don’t seem nearly as bad as 1-60 (and by 1-60 I mean 1-10, 10-20, 20-30). Sure maybe it takes longer but it can’t be that much longer, and if it is, at least you’re in Northrend you know? Outland used to be a relief but ugh, it sure is getting stale. But Northrend is always a very welcomed change of pace in my world…. of warcraft.

It is pretty fucking shitty though, how even though I can run 4 WOTLK normal 5 mans I can’t replace any of my goddamn items! FUCKING COOL BLIZZARD, THANKS! You know what else sucks in the weirdest way possible? Heirlooms! Who would have ever thought that you could ever resent your heirlooms? Not me, that’s for damn sure. So here I am playing my DK, frost, DW, DPS (possibly leaning towards tanking but, thats as scary as raiding lol!) with my main hand pve sword heirloom and oh pvp sword heirloom, I can’t use my DK enchants on them and I haven’t gotten them enchanted with the regular stuff either, but they’re still better than anything I find. It almost sucks that I can’t replace my heirloom chest and shoulder plate with these cool new ones I just got off that boss I’ve killed 20 different ways on my other guy. But nooooo, I have to wait for my other items to get upgrades! Haha, talk about a fucked up situation. I know I should keep the heirlooms for as long as possible, but, I want new shit!

So if you know anything about 1h sword heirlooms, specifically, the PvP one – then you know that it has a 2.4 speed. If you know anything about frost specced DW DKs (dps or tank) then you know they want the slowest weapon possible in each hand. So, why on earth did I pick the main hand sword with the speed of 2.8 and the offhand sword with the speed of 2.4? Because I was too stupid to google DK weapon proficiencies and see that DKs can train maces….. Yeah, seems pretty stupid huh? Yeah, that is what it felt like too when I realized it. So now I have been working on getting enough triumph emblems to convert to heroism emblems (of course only after converting triumph to conquest to valor to heroism, clicking twice to convert each fucking god damn one) so I can buy the offhand mace with 2.8 speed and the same exact dmg as the main hand. Last night I ran two extra heroics (passed my usual bed time :o) and finished at 39 emblems because the last random was PoS which only has 2 goddamn bosses like the POS that it is! (har har, you like that, PoS is a POS, har har har, saron and shit, piece and pit, HAR and HAR)

Since tax season is over for the most part shit has significantly slowed down in the “things to do at work” department. So I’ve been scouring the internets for information on how to effectively maximize my DPS as a warlock and DK. I learned something that caused me to change my “rotation” so to speak on my warlock. That being, I should cast shadow bolt first due to the ISB talent debuff and rolling crits on corruption (also macroed my corruption to use my nevermelting ice crystal (NMIC) prior to casting corruption) and I should use drain soul on bosses below 25%. I didn’t notice any change in my DPS but I was also adjusting so, in time I’ll get that down, though I don’t care that much.

That is another thing. I don’t really care about advancing my Warlock much further. Why? Because what is the point of doing it now when it is this hard to kiss enough little douche nozzle ass to let you tag along and experience the shit for the first time (whether you’ve seen videos or not). I think we’re just going to wait for Cataclysm and get on that shit ASAP at launch. Everyone will be on an even keel and I don’t want to be leveling a new guy to 80 during this crucial time. Oh that guild is the best on your server? Well looks like they’re doing just as bad as everyone else on this new big as shit dick swingin raid, hey what do you know, they’re recruiting without requirements beyond level, woooow.

I don’t think I will ever know exactly what it is that I want to do with my characters, but I do know what I would like to do with them. I would like to make my DK a frost tank while keeping my warlock affliction. I want to be done with all the raid shit real quick and then jump into PvP (be it arena or rated BGs). I will want to have a healer as well so I can be familiar with pretty much every role known to man, I currently have a 52 Shadow Priest that could easily be respecced to holy. So that avenue is possible. Another possible avenue to round out my every role known to man idea is an arms warrior, WHIRLWIND MOFUGGA, YEAAAAH. My friend says ranged and melee dps are noticeably different so, why not give it a shot?

So today I guess my tentative plan is to get my last triumph emblem, click 500 times to convert 40 triumph to heroism, buy the 1h mace and mail it to my DK. Get on DK and level level level. I’ve got a deadline to beat, bitch!


6 thoughts on “Man your own jackhammer!

  1. I could be cruel and not tell you but………… you dont have to change emblems one at a time (think its right click or control + right click), you can change them in stacks. I know I know Im a local hero.

    Sounds like your busy anyway, am stuck back at level 15 on my Huntard haha 😦

    • Thank you!

      I feel dumb but, shit, thank god for you my friend.

      Huntards sure are fun. I have a level 19 one (no heirlooms, diff server) and I remember him being extremely fun. Also, I leveled him in the BE zone, and I don’t think it is as cool of a zone as you do. Probably mainly because my pally is in that zone and I can’t even log onto him because low levels are so dreadful now, not sure why, but I’m about damn sick of them.

      • haha na I was unaware you could do it as well (its shift + right click). Save a lot of time and frustration thats for sure.

        Yup the lower levels can be disheartening but if you do it with a friend I find it a hell of a lot more enjoyable. Most of the quests are solo friendly so with two players its a breeze.

      • Yeah but that one quest where you fight the really big guys isn’t soloable unless you’re equal level which iirc makes it the last quest you do yet it is one of the first you receive when you get to Tranquillen.

      • I actually think that is what I did on my Huntard. Tried to solo him on my Pally (with heirlooms) at level 17 I think and failed miserably.

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