To raid or not to raid, that is the question

So, I don’t even remember where we left off last time so instead of reading my last post I’ll just tell you what I think you don’t know! Here are a couple of links to my Warlock: Elitist Armory and WoW-Heroes.

As you can see I joined a guild! Yes they do 10 man stuff and are actually working on ICC, scary stuff. They don’t want to start us off in ICC which makes me happy. It is nerve wrecking though. The only feeling I can relate it to that I’ve actually experienced is floating in the ocean. Not the I can see the shore ocean, but the, I’m in the fucking ocean and can’t see any land ocean. Yeah, 6 or 7 years old floating in the middle of the ocean. You can’t touch the bottom with your feet, but you try sometimes, did something just brush up against your foot? Am I putting my foot into a giant mouth and I just don’t know it because it hasn’t bitten and torn my leg off yet? Is this a position a human is supposed to be in because I feel really out of place in this “world of giants” if you will.

It will happen though, this I am sure of. I was just as scared of running random 5 mans and now I can queue alone for heroic 5 mans and even be the one group member that doesn’t ragequit like a pussy when one little thing happens. I’ll get over it and through it slowly but surely. So I will be reading up on the first few bosses of ICC and some TOC and such, maybe other weekly raids. It is funny because I’m worried about impressing the guild whereas my friend is just hoping they’re good enough.

In the land of the alts I’ve got plate pvp shoulders and pve chest heirlooms along with pvp 2h sword, 1h sword, and pve 1h sword. So now I can’t decide if I want to play my arms warrior, ret pally (or any other kind of pally), or my dw frost dk who I still love dearly and have even considered giving tanking a whirl with. I have no fucking idea, but you know what, who cares amirite? I’ll figure it out soon enough, I don’t need to know RIGHT NAO!!1 or anything so, I think it will all work itself out.

Anyways, that is it for now, not much but shit, at least it is something! Plus, funny picture we’ve all seen a bunch of times!


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