Yesterday was fun

We made our first trips into the Icecrown 5 mans. We cleared The Forge of Souls easy enough. I was able to snag the cloth hands that I was looking at getting. I was surprised at how easy this stuff is. I was always worried about not doing good dps and little kids making fun of me and shit lol, and I even let it affect my dps for a while. But as soon as I get a beer in me and forget about all that crap, I’m a goddamn machine! My overall DPS at the end of this run was around 2.3k which was about 500 over the next highest person who was my friend the tank.

Wow, I just remembered a Halls of Lightning run that I realized I haven’t told you guys about. On Loken our other two DPSes died on the first lightning nova. So our pally healer, my friend tank, and myself three manned Loken. At the very end the healer died and it was just me and my friend standing at the end, it is hard to describe how awesome that felt.

Anyways, after Forge of Souls we went into Pit of Saron and lost a DPS due to not getting the quest at the beginning. So we four manned it up to Forgemaster Garfrost and as we were about to attempt to four man him we got a new DPS, a 5.5k GS rogue who immediately began making fun of peoples gearscores. We tried to tell him it wasn’t heroic which he probably didn’t know and he was “generous” enough to stay. Needless to say he helped us kill Garfrost and left doing only 1k DPS more than me which was 3.5k, I had 2.5k which I was pretty proud of. After he left we immediately got another 5.5k GS rogue who was wearing PvP gear and specced for PvP. This rogue was not an asshole, which I liked. At the end of the run the ending DPS on my recount showed mr dickhead in first with his 3.5k dps on one boss fight followed by mr not a dick with 2.6k with me leading the people who are supposed to be there with 2.5k dps overall. I found it hard to believe that I had a solid 2.5k at the end because previously in the other dungeons my DPS would be a lot lower, barely pushing 2k overall and 2.2k on bosses. I think it is because these mobs have much more HP which gives my D-O-Ts more T to D, har har. Feelin pretty good!

We had a doucheturd guy in our group. He had mentioned how the rogue was PvP spec and how that was dumb to run dungeons in. Then he mentioned my 4 pieces of deadly gladiator armor and stated: “Why do people PvE in PvP gear?” I replied with, I PvPed, and now I’m PvEing for PvE gear. I know I said something else about it and in more of a hostile manner which prompted him to shut up. Then my friend took a jab at the “gearscore is all that matters mentality” and we got on with getting to the big dragon dick.

Anyways, I got some new stuff! I got a purple staff, gloves, and wrists which help reallocate some of the bonuses I had in resilience and moves it into more DPS focused abilities.

Looking forward to this weekend and plowing through this shit and probably begin pugging 10 and 25 mans.

Also, if you check the “current toon goals” page, I have added a link to a character builder that allows you to import your armory info and swap out items to see what your stats will look like.


6 thoughts on “Yesterday was fun

  1. Awesome glad your having a good time!

    Assholes in PuGs are the norm for me and I just pretty much switch off from it now. Besides I’d bet the gladiator gear is better than you running in poor quality green or blues.

    Have you checked out the zone shots on MMO Champion from the Cataclysm Alpha? They have some nice dungeon shots as well.

    Now if only my new pc actually worked I’d be able to play WoW as well aaaarrrgggh!

    • Yeah the PvP gear is good, the only bad thing is resilience which meant not as much hit, spell power, or haste which wasn’t that big of a deal. All the items are still over ilvl 200 and in fact the gear I replaced my pvp gear with was lower ilvl. It is neat that I’m starting to build a pve suit and saving my pvp suit.

      I looked at a few, mainly the Barrens and Thousand Needles. Don’t want to spoil it all this early!

      You shall be back to WoW in no time, I’m sure! Stay strong!

      • Toward the end I was getting so bored of running heroics for the damn frost badges I made a game of coming with colorful insults when people complained about something in pugs. I remember telling a mage I was really impressed his anus hadn’t exploded from all the shit he was full of. They threatened me with kicking me off but being a competent 52k hp tank there werent many buyers and they were the dicks to begin with..

        Looking back at it I realize I really needed to get out of that game 🙂

      • do the ‘daily’ heroic dungeon quest to get frost badges (and the weekly raid one), the quest givers are at the bit near Violet Hold in Dalaran.

        just in case you didnt know about them.

  2. I was wondering where those weekly raid ones were handed out at. I’ve had opportunities to dive into raids but I wanted to wait until my friend is ready for them. Got my GS up to 4.8k yesterday, so I’ve got about 1000 gs in maybe a week. I’ve really been in heroics way too much recently. But, this is all supposed to be in my next post!

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