Come the fuck on already!

After reading a few of Ravious’ posts at KTR on Guild Wars, more specifically, the rewards for having old characters, I began wanting to see what my characters had for rewards. This started last week. Guess what? To log in to GW you need to know a characters name. Yep. Apparently I don’t have any guys named Bonedead, Bwndead, Bonhead, nothing! Oh, your characters also have last names, yeah, good fucking luck. So I submitted a ticket re: forgot character name and waited and waited and the next day I get a response that my ticket has been escalated! Oh my! Two days after that I finally get a character name, whoopee! So, now I know my account name, password, and character name. Aaaaand I still can’t login! It is really hard to articulate just how fucking mad this kind of bullshit makes me.

So since that isn’t working, I think, hey I’ve got an NCSoft master account that isn’t tied to this account but does have another GW account on it (that I don’t remember having) and it is also the account where I have my Aion account. This account for an account bullshit is probably the majority of the problem. Part of me is starting to think that maybe my account that I thought I had is actually the account on my NCSoft master account, but I can’t even tell. There’s your email as an account name, yourname@plaync as an account name, regular account names, I’m pretty sure there is another way as well, not to mention your master account name and password. How the fuck am I supposed to keep up with all of this shit? Especially when I created half of these accounts 5 years ago? I would love to try all the different passwords I’ve ever used but after 3 failed attempts you’re locked out for a few minutes. Forgot my password? What is my cat’s name? I don’t have a cat. I lived with two in high school when GW came out but neither of their names work, so wtf am I supposed to do?

I just want to see what kind of rewards I have, shit, maybe I’ll even play it a couple times. But that isn’t going to be possible anytime soon it appears. Stupid fuckin bullshit. Its just about to the point where I don’t fucking care anymore. Why should I anyway? I enjoyed the game when I played it but if it is this hard to fucking play it now, why fucking bother?

Suck it NCSoft and fuck your mothers.


3 thoughts on “Come the fuck on already!

    • har har har

      I just wish I could have an MMO login/pw and that is it. Do I really have to wait for SOE to buy everything before it dies and put it on the Station Pass life support?

      • yeah a lot of games dont have the correct customer support for password retrieval and general details. Its a shame as it actually puts people off returning if its more hassle than its worth.

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