Do you see what I see?

*Christmas music from Gremlins*

Guess what I did! Spent $55 to move my 80 to another server and then switch factions! Cool beans huh?

Kinda given up on my DK, though fun, I’m ready to be 80 you know? Fuck burning out, it is time for new stuff, yes that is right, dungeons!

Just look at me go!

Pretty amazing right? I even installed Gearscore, which tells me that I’m almost at 4k, which isn’t that good from what I can tell, though most people I see in random dungeons (not heroic) have 2.5 or so, so I’m not feeling too bad, even though they out DPS me cus I don’t know how the fuck to PvE. But it is fun, a learning process, and I’m respeccing my talents today! Huzzah!

Excitement, adventure!


2 thoughts on “Do you see what I see?

  1. I reinstalled gearscore and my main is a meagre 4.6k perhaps I shouldnt have spent so much on heirloom items haha. To be honest its pretty easy to gear up now with the new 5 man Ice Crown dungeons (which involve the completion of a quest chain) so get yo ass into them, they drop 232 items in herioc modes.

    • My tank friend wants to be uncrittable before we do those (normal mode) so while hes doing that I’ll be getting the first items on my new “Current Toon Goals” page. By then he should be good to go and we can move on to the Icecrown 5 mans and other heroics, eventually into the Icecrown 5 man heroics. Hard to believe I’m getting into this shit.

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