Surprise Surprise! Yet again!

I bet it would have been nice to come here and see my new post about how I’ve been leveling my Mage Shilberber and my DK Frape while getting along with my guild and all this happy go lucky gum drop shit, amirite? Well, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t stop doing that and do something else, so hah!

I have been playing Bwndead on the Drak’thul server, horde side, with my buddy who games with meh. He has a 79 Prot Warrior on the server which he likes and I believe intends to play at 80 in some capacity, but he wants to level a Mage. Since he rolled Undead, I made a new guy too so we could level together, I decided to go with an Arms Warrior named Bonefred. When WoW launched I’m pretty sure an Arms Warrior was one of the first toons I made.

I’ve really been enjoying DW Frost DK and that is definitely what I’m going to be playing for the most part. It’s perfect for me because it is so easy lol. My main plan is always going to be PvP though I’ve been warming up to PvE dungeons more and more, mainly when I play with my friend. The extremely small amount of skill involved in WoW PvP (los, countering, knowing your classes) seems to come easily to me (I don’t know all the classes and different specs at 80 yet) along with my ability to treat people as mobs for the most part. Sometimes a really good guy can get in my head but once that happens as long as I avoid him I can still do pretty good. Meh! Anyway, I’m tired of writing this! Time to play some games amirite? I’ve been quite productive in the past few days after a week or so of being a lazy shit face, so I’ve not played at all since Thursday, crazy, I know.


2 thoughts on “Surprise Surprise! Yet again!

  1. I jumped back into WoW and am levelling my resto druid…. well thats not accurate as I ponied up the 1000g for dual specs so am a boomkin as well (I was sick of getting raped at world pvp). So far so good, am level 50 and hoping to get through the portal sharpish.

    Whats frost dps like these days? I only ever see them tanking tbh

    • It is amazing my friend, simply amazing. It doesn’t have as much healing capabilities as what I remember Blood having, however, you’re supposed to use Blood Presence which gives you some life leech. Along with that we have Death Strike which heals you for 10% of your max HP with both diseases up, and if I line up my runes right I can use it up to 3 times in a matter of seconds for a total of 30% heal, not too shabby. I’m a crit machine as well so everything dies really fast. As I said in the post, I hit maybe 5 buttons and they’re pretty much always dead, sometimes I get to use Frost Strike (which is my main DPS at 80 iirc) which always has around 1000dmg overkill (and on 4-9k hp mobs thats perdy good imo).

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