Oh my god, so close!

If you didn’t know I work in an accountant’s office and tax season is over April 15 (kinda anyway) which is Thursday of this week! Fuck yeah! We take the 16th off every year creating our own holiday. I have also scheduled to have Monday and Tuesday (4/20 lol) off effectively giving myself a 5 day weekend. Yeah, that’s right, 5 day weekend bitches with the last day being a baking with weeds for funs day. Can’t wait.

Anyways, wtf am I doing in WoW? My Mage Shilberber is level 24 or so. In around 4 more levels I will be getting him a few sweet items, aka, pvp gear for honor. I don’t see a lot of people using the lower level PvP gear, I think they don’t know that the WSG/AB/AV quartermasters are actually out in the wild kinda. I’ve respecced him to Frost from Fire (after intially speccing frost then respeccing to fire) and so far so good. I gotta say, being DPS in a random dungeon is not nearly as nervewrecking as queuing as a tank or healer, and it is nice.

I never really try to make money in WoW but since this was my first guy on this server I have been skinning and mining and selling stacks of 20. So far I’ve made a little over 100 gold in total with about 60 on me (donated 20 to gbank cus I’m so great). I sell every green I get and always undercut on materials just so the shit sells quicker.

I tired a little of my Mage and even dealing with guild chat formalities. So I rolled a…. you know what I rolled, come on! Yep, you know it was a DK. Gnome DK mfkers. He’s really fun in AV, frost spec, no 1handers yet but I’m aiming at 26000 honor by 60 for the two oldschool 1handers. So far after a day or so I’m at about 2k or 3k honor. Not very much but I believe a good day of winning 50% of my AVs will get me where I need to be. I’ve considered random dungeoning it but, yknow, I’ve never done kinda big dungeons at all. My biggest fear is that I end up being one of those “stand in the fire” jackoffs. I don’t know why I’m so worried about what people in fucking wow are gonna say about me, but I guess I’m a rittle sensitive. I mean come on, how many retard twelve year olds can do it. Think about it, the majority of people were stand in the fire fuckers on day 1, I know I wouldn’t have stood in the fire, so why am I worried? Stop it!

Anyways, that is where I am. Not sure where I’m goin. But seeing a SWG post today is not helping my wow motivation.


5 thoughts on “Oh my god, so close!

  1. Dont be a big jessie and get yo’ ass in the dungeon finder. The only rule death knights have is not to use death grip and steal aggro. Oh and respec unholy its better for dps and you get a permanent ghoul (get the glyph as well so you dont need corpse dust)

    • Pets are for fags imo! Heh, if I don’t have to have a pet then I’m definitely not going to. I wanna kinda be the “different” DK, you know, the one DK that chose one of the three talent trees :/….. Yeah, that plan is probably gonna work out well. But screw pets (and armies of pets!)!

      • yeah I feel the same with ‘pet classes’ but the death knight is a bit different and the ghoul is great for pvp. Oh and army of the dead is cracking when you have a few death knights about lol.

  2. The fact that you are even aware that fire exists as a concept would make you one of the greatest ever dps DKs to ever pug a WoW instance. You’ve nothing to be worried about.

    I remember being nervous about joing my first Wrath heroic as a healer. *sigh* You never get that innocence back 🙂

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