Dazed and Confused


Tomorrow marks the opening of the 2nd A Tale in the Desert server. I will be checking that out. In my previous plays of atitd I never got really far and I probably wont this time either, but I figure why not. I’m bored to shit as it is anyway with every other fucking game out there. If anything, UO will fulfill my wants due to it’s increased skill gain, but my bank is fucking full on my main guy, grinding mining/tinkering/smithing/lumberjacking/fletching is not fun for long, and I’m still considered a trial account for 3 more fucking days so I can’t place a house thus opening more places for storing items (and enabling me to play my main character).

I have been playing Pogo. I paid for a month and to be honest, I can play that shit longer than anything else I’ve talked about recently. Probably because it is what my fiance plays and we do it together.

If you remember me having Comcast and it sucking and 5 techs not fixing it which prompted me to switch to the next best thing DSL 1.5mb/down and 367 or some shit up. Well, I finally switched back to Comcast and they fixed the problem that was originally there. So now I have 15mb/down, and 3mb/up, fuck yeah! Too bad I don’t want to do much besides watch a movie before I go to bed and download atitd.

Not the happiest camper atm and it is pretty much because real life feels stupid.


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