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5 thoughts on “No Comment

  1. haha check that oot! I never ever played it but wow just wow it looks oooooold. kinda cool though. what does looting look like? and mechanics wise? like Darkfall with drag and drop?

  2. Yes looting is drag and drop, however, I am using some newfangled fancy pantsy client. The original game is much much uglier and the backpacks did not have little squares for each item to go, it was very much a mess like darkfalls. I don’t think it is a frock though I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find one in the game. It was a resurrection robe that I dyed with a dye tub that was locked on the ground somewhere.

      • I can play until the end of the month. Will I? Doubtful. But I will probably return at a later date as I do with pretty much all of the MMOs I have played. That is if I don’t get stuck in UO with all these crazy pants changes and shit.

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