May as well keep it going

Since I am already playing UO (though it is new and shiny and has fucking ridable beetles that can double as a forge) I think I may begin playing some other older MMOs as well.

My list is pretty small right now. I still like giving UO a lot of attention (since I’ve only played for 3 days out of 14 in my trial) so this may not be something that happens real soon. But right now the game at the top of my list is A Tale in the Desert.

I’m trying to think of more but I just can’t. Definitely will never play EQ1, no MUDs, I played Anarchy Online somewhat recently, SWG is a meh fest and those last two don’t even feel that old to me. So what else is there? Hmm, looking at teh wiki machine it appears atitd came out in 2003 lol, why do I think everything that is “old” to me (in terms of games, movies, etc and in the sense of good and old) has to be prior to 2000? I don’t know but I’m sure I’ll get over it someday. I mean people born in 1992 are now turning 18 so, getting older sucks lol. Anyways, I found a few more possibilities.

Final Fantasy XI, Ragnarok Online, and maybe even Asheron’s Call as I have not played AC and FFXI.

We shall see wtf I decide to do.


3 thoughts on “May as well keep it going

  1. ATITD is on its fourth telling, and the graphics have had a lot of upgrades. It still isn’t any WoW or Aion, but its better than back in 2003. Also, a new “shard” is coming out Feb 20th. Good time to start the game.

  2. FFXI is a grind btw, if you thought aion was bad then you aint seen nothing yet! alot of things are forced grouping as well so if there aint other players around you may be in for a very slow grind.

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