Too good to be true

I have not played WoW in a little bit. I have played ridiculous amounts of DF though, so much so that I closed my xfire to avoid the shame! Haha, okay it hasn’t been that bad, but it is pretty bad (and I did close my xfire voluntarily).

Where do I start?

First, I rediscovered this little gem of motivation. Check out the episodes for some old UO awesomeness.

To follow that, I was in a newb town in Alfar lands, I think it was Bel Malek or some crap, I know it was where I originally started. Anyways, I see a guy shooting mana missiles into the wall, one every few seconds, followed shortly by a heal. I try to jump in front of him so that he damages me and gets killed by the guard towers. A few tries and I failed because I’m stupid, turns out this guy IS afk, so I just missed like a retard thinking he was watching me. Well what do you know, he dies real quick, I go in for the gank on his gray name aaaaand his name turns blue! Shit! I backed up with my sword midair, it slammed into him, but he did not die and I was not flagged, thanks be to jebus and all that. I ran to the bank to put up my mount (would’ve sucked to lose that) and return to find his grave. Inside I find some regs, a perdy nice robe, a non rank 0 staff (rank 10 I believe), and some other little things. He was definitely being helped by someone, I’d never seen the robes before and what do you know, everything is made by someone else.

Anyways, that was awesome, looter-esque IMO!

Well I was sneaking around the Human lands last night, I had a mission initially to kill mining newbs for iron ore. Well I ran into one guy and when I attacked, he levitated over my head, behind me, started running, disappeared, and teleported way far away. So that was fucking weird. I continue on, scrambling away at first to avoid any calls for help being answered. I hear another miner and crouchwalk over to see what is up. What do you know, the same fucking guy, lets try this again. Levitates over my head and behind me, starts running, freezes, I cannot hit his frozen self, teleports many many feet away and starts shooting Eldritch Sphere at me, wtf is this bullshit, fuck this guy, I’m out of here.

I checked Sinister maps a bit and plotted a new route to check. I discovered two humans killing goblins. I hid on a rock and waited, moments later one is returning to town and walks right passed me, so close, but didn’t see me. I could hear the other still fighting goblins so I pursued the passerby. I have 55+ 1handed sword skill and around 10 2handed sword skill, for some reason, don’t ask me why, I was out using a 2handed sword with +1 STR and didn’t have a 1h sword save my newb weapon (which I forgot about). So I pull out my 2hander and start hitting him in the back, many hits later he is nearing a windmill and death as well. He runs around the windmill and I begin to follow, until I start getting zapped by the guard tower, god damnit! I turn to run and am taking heavy fuckin damage, shit is hurting a lot, 55 damage a hit is too much for a 215 hp guy like myself. But I made it away by chugging a pot and munching some food. God damn I need to get better at this shit. How did I not kill him after hitting him like 7 times in the back? God I should have brought a 1h sword.

I lick my wounds and circle around the east side of the town. Here there be mountains and here I be climbin. I ran into some goblins and began whacking them with my 2hander for some additional skill gain, ohhh yeah, and a 1h sword, fuck yes! I’ll take that shitty little milk crate shield as well. Oh damn, there’s a goblin grave over there and I definitely did not kill that one, let’s go check it out. Well there isn’t shit over here, that sucks. The only way I can really see gettin down this mountain is a shitty thin path that I’m not going to be taking, so to the snowy white peaks we go. As I start making my way down the north side of the mountain I hear the sound of battle. What do you know, the other guy who was fighting goblins moved to the back of the city (I attacked his “friend” earlier). I sneak down and see that he is trying to get back to his grave but is unsuccessful as he is forced to fall back and heal. I run up to his grave, loot a couple small things, and hide behind and on a goblin hut (thanks to double jump). I see him come back to his grave which was my cue to jump down and stab him a few times (with my 1handed sword), after my super awesome victory (killing a naked, troubled, newb) I realized there was nothing to take and headed off.

Just beyond this spawn was another located by some water. I heard some ruckus going on over there and swam over to see what it was all about. I found another little feller fighting some goblins and used my double jump to sneak up behind him (over walls/goblin huts). I waited until he had his attention on the mobs (because, hey, I don’t want to lose to a newb amirite?) and made my move. I use my power attack which causes them to bleed as well (each bleed tick can be mistaken as a sword hit to the person being attacked). Next was my intimidating Whirlwind attack (if you’re a newb and see it, you shit your pants, first hand experience) which even hurt the goblins who were now confused as shit as to what was going on (much like the victim). I followed up with a knockback which threw him for quite a loop lol, I ran over and basically caught him on my face and stabbed him a bit more for the win. Before I ganked I mana missiled the goblin down.

As I was walking on my way I got a tell from my last victim. He told me he couldn’t wait until he skilled up because he was going to kick my ass. Yeah! I mentioned how I was only a week older than him and he was lucky that I was just some newb and not some fireball shitstorm raining corpse camping sonofabitch. He agreed and said he had indeed run into those players already. He asked about NEW members being allowed to gank people and how could that even make sense, a NEW member killing newbs. I actually got the idea from a NEW member lol, I just wanted iron ore. Anyways, I suggested to him that he joined NEW and later when I returned to the city, he was a new recruit.

This upcoming encounter was probably my favorite of the night. I was making my way back around the town and heading south back to NEW’s clan city. I overheard some combat sounds and snuck around to see what I could find. I discovered two player’s graves in a goblin spawn but there was no one around. I continued my crouchwalk around the area when I spotted someone through some bushes. This person was also crouch walking and he was headed for the area I had just come from. I snuck up behind him and what name did I read? Beau Turkey, it was indeed! I readied my power attack and unsheathed my sword, I slammed it inside him, his back was gored. I followed my attack with a whirlwind of sorts and my knockback made him fly so high I could see up his shorts. Upon making the connection from player to blogger and seeing an e-colleague run, I chose not to pursue, the nice thing to do, which turned out to be a lot more fun.

I call that my Beau Turkey rhyme.

I tried to talk to him but he did not respond, oh well, it is always fun running into other bloggers in DF.

On my way back to town I came across a guy who always kills our afk swimmers (and has forced me to claim a new spot) but I chose not to fight him as he seemed too scary. Plus I had already made 500ish gold, a partial suit of leather or two, a rank 10 1handed sword, and a few other things I’d much rather have in my bank than in this guys bag. So I skipped him and went home.

Probably one of the funnest nights I’ve had in Darkfall, crouchwalking around all of the human lands, took quite a while.

I said I’d have some stories from Saturday with all of the sieges going on and I will, just not yet. You have no idea how long it took me to write this, at work.


3 thoughts on “Too good to be true

  1. haha you should have killed him you big ol’ carebear.

    I actually had a hankering to play Darkfall again whilst I was off sick but alas it passed after I started picking up new shiney epics in WoW.

    Its a bit shit because if it was on one server I’d defo play just to try gank other bloggers (Syncaine being top of that list).

    • I didn’t hit him too hard and I already had a decent amount of loot on me (that and he ran towards two other players’ graves with no culprit in sight) so I just high tailed it out of there.

      I doubt any of us are going to kill SynCaine. Not only will our skills take forever to get up to that level, but you have to group, you have to get better gear, and if you can’t do that then you wont. Which is my problem.

      I fought a guy recently whose skills were far lower than mine, I consider myself average in melee combat PvP (I’d consider the guy I fought below average), and I lost over and over again because he was using super fucking plate armor and a big two handed axe. One of the reasons Darkfall was supposed to be awesome was because gear didn’t matter that much. But in my situation the only reason I was losing was because of gear (and I was losing bad), we were just hitting each other blow for blow but since his armor owns my hits are weaker, and since my armor is mid range and his weapon is high range, he beat the crap out of me.

      • hmm didnt know noobs could wear plate armour etc, I could have done with some for my guy……. on second thought naaaaaa I still would have sucked

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