Mission Status: Progressing Quite Nicely

Think Big
I have been AFK swimming in DF and at the same time playing WoW using the new Dungeon Finder tool. My swimming is now 100, Quickness is nearing 40, and apparently swimming also raises Strength because that is almost 35. As for WoW, I’m not playing my level 80, due to being shamed in my first Dungeon Finder attempt. So embarrassing lol.

If you recall from my previous WoW adventures I began the Argent Tournament quests in an attempt to acquire heirloom items, but I gave up when the route proved to be long and probably involved grouping with strangers. Well I guess that opened up the Argent Tournament dungeon for me. So I wanted some of those Emblems of Triumph so I queued up for a random WoTLK dungeon (non heroic). Guess which dungeon was the random selection? Well once it started loading I alt tabbed back to Darkfall to quit because I didn’t want to mess this instance up with my lag. By the time I alt tab back, my whole group is on horses with polearms ready for some jousting. Okay, shit, what do I do. There’s a horse, I’ll go hop on it. Shit! No polearm equipped! Okay, it is okay, I have a polearm, I know I do, let me just find it on one of my hotbars, there it is! *Click* Nothing…. WTF, where the shit is my polearm? Ohhhh yeaaaaahhhh. I remember now, I banked it after I sold the gold farmers loot he left on me and got my reimbursed items out of the mail. Okay well, what do I do now, the fight is starting. Kill the bad guys on foot! Alright, I’m doing good, killing them no problem, but I’m not on a horse. The Gnomes of Gnomeragan cheer for Owndead! Too bad my group didn’t feel the same way. “WTF are you doing lock?”

Shit, they’re on to me! Should I ask questions? Explain I left my polearm in the bank? How the fuck do I get out of here?!?! Teleport out of instance….. not working!!! Leave party! Yes! Whew, that was a terrible experience. Alright, what now? I know, let’s quit.

As I stare at my character selection screen I ponder what to do. The only way I can see myself succeeding random dungeon selection is if I practice them one at a time, specifically selecting each dungeon then reading up on the encounters and queuing. Plus I had to respec from Demonology thanks to the gold farmers and I forgot my exact spec from before. I feel very out of my element on this character, as if I haven’t played him in some time….

My friend is currently leveling a Warrior on Drak’thul and is level 74ish, I have a 47 Priest there as well. So I log on him, he has fewer skills, thus I don’t have as many options for setting up my attack chain and it is easier to settle down with this guy. I am very close to leveling and kill a few mobs nearby in the hinterlands to ding 48. Once I feel a little comfortable with dealing damage (shadow priest, duh!) I queue up for Zul Farrak which cons green to me but I have never done it before.

So I have since completed ZF 2 more times in addition to my first run. I am now level 50 (running dungeons is pretty good leveling) and it feels a lot better than how leveling used to feel for me in this game. I used to have to kill kill kill turn in quest turn in quest turn in quest. Now it is just like a little co-op single player feeling where I have to complete a certain map level 3 times for 2 character levels. It is not bad by any means and I’m finally getting to experience the brunt of the game this way. Plus by leveling this guy I will learn my preferred chain of attacks, so far it is Mind Blast and Mind Flay with a side of Dispel for anyone who gets polymorphed. Dispel was a hard one to pick up as the first 2 tanks did not ask for it. It did cross my mind that it was possible but I just never tried it. So when the third runs tank kept saying dispel I figured it out and moved it to my E bind on the hotbar. My friend says I should get some nice addon thing to make that easier but I no longer like addons thanks to gold farming sons of bitches. That is like the only way they could’ve gotten to me and it is my fault for using old shitty pvp ones. Anyways I am now a dispelling machine!

My friend commented on Darkfall saying that “that sounds lame” when I mentioned that I was just swimming into a wall. I replied that every MMO has something tedious for you to do in order to be able to “compete” with your peers, and Darkfall is pretty much the only one I know of (besides Eve) where you can do some of that AFK. Whether or not having a part of your game that is required to compete being long and tedious enough for people to want to AFK it (whether they can [DF] or can’t [WoW]) is the right idea or not is another subject.

I don’t know when I will have my next actual play session in DF but I do like that my STR and QUI are raising while I’m doing nothing. I just hope that the next time I go and actually hit things that I hurt em real good, that sure would be nice.

Until next time enjoy your carebear game or your pkpkpk game, because I will certainly be enjoying both.


2 thoughts on “Mission Status: Progressing Quite Nicely

  1. haha interesting stuff, for heirloom items the easiest way is probably doing the wintergrasp quests and buying the ‘pvp’ heirlooms.

    I feel like brain farting with MMOs these days. I think I’ll just give up questioning them and just play 😦

    • Yeah that is what I ended up doing on my Warlock. I think I was 10 Stonekeeper’s Shards away from a PvP heirloom weapon before I stopped. Sadly I did not get any WoW time in this weekend.

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