Mission Impossible: The Best of Both Worlds

It took me some time this weekend to get back into DF, for some reason I just didn’t want to play it and I think it was because I was solo. So I joined Black Ork Assassins, an Ork only clan with some members who like to talk in Ork dialect, a bit wierd but I’ve seen way worse, plus it just adds more to the experience. We have a city, Zaghuroth (SP?), it is on the North Eastern corner of Agon, right next to the island Yssam (which I believe is where SynCaine’s alliance is based).

Upon arriving at the city I am greeted by a gate…and it is down. So there appears to be no way to enter this city lol, the gate won’t open for me as I am too low of a rank. I do some chatting in Clan and someone comes out to boost me over the wall. Now this is probably one of the coolest things I’ve recently encountered. I would run into a wall perpendicular to the city wall (so if the top of the T is the city wall, I am running into the side of the l in T) and a clan mate would come up from behind (very nice!) and either shoot me with a fireball (which would explode and launch me over the wall) or hit me with their weapons knockback style. I’ve since had this happen to me probably 5 more times and have even boosted a couple people over myself with my knockback style (which hits players a lot further than mobs, times 10 easily).

Once I arrived in the city I was taken back to EU release seeing the city buffs on me along with the master NPCs who sell/train practically anything you can possibly buy/train. By the bank was another familiar sight, sparring! I got in on some of this as it is a great way to practice your PvP skills as well as raise your actual skills (offensive and defensive). I noticed a clan mate practicing some uber magic on the afk people who died and respawned by the bindstone. It enticed me to raise my Greater Magic a little in hopes of eventually reaching his level of coolness (spell/skill wise). Once I get my Greater Magic to 50 I can buy a specialized magic class (fire, air, necromancy, ice, etc) which are the ones with the big boy spells. Specifically a launching spell so that I can get myself over the wall when no one is there to help me so I don’t have to bindstone recall. I could get the lesser magic spell Launch (requires 70 or so lesser magic, I’m currently around 65) but I don’t know how well it will work as I remember on EU release it didn’t seem to be very effective.

Another familiar sight was afk skilling. People running into walls while afk to raise their stats. Yesterday my swimming was around 20 and when I left this morning it was over 75. I have also gained 5 or so full points of quickness which feels fucking awesome. I plan on switching once my swimming reaches 100 to running into a wall, after that I’ll either balance something on my shift key for sprinting or set up a macro with a 3rd party app to sprint, rest, sprint, rest, etc. I do not know the rules exactly on such activities, I know it was a gray area on EU at release, so I don’t know where Aventurine now stands with this though I’m sure I’ll find out. After sprinting then I’ll go to crouch walking and after that then I’ll be done with the afk into a wall tactic. I’m hoping my stats will be real big by then.

Some people are fucking beasts. I had a clan member I was sparring with who I could barely dent even if I hit him 5 times to every 1 of his hits, I just couldn’t win. Which is why I’ve begun afking into walls. Two members of Nemesis (a clan in SynCaine’s alliance) launched over our wall into our city and raped the shit out of us twice yesterday. They had some pretty fucking big magic spells that melted my face off. Once they left this inspired me to work on my greater magic a bit more heh.

I’ve been working on raising my weaponsmithing to 25 so I can make some Rank 10 weapons (which do a little more damage than Rank 0 weapons though most people use Rank 0 to “skill up”) which means I have a plethora of Rank 0 Two Handed Swords that I rarely lose. I am currently at around 23 or so.

On to the point of the post’s title. Since I can see that I have much afking in my future I plan on resubbing my WoW account so I can try out raiding with that new LFG system. I’ve never done any high end raids in WoW and with this new system I don’t have to try at all in terms of waiting for people/mingling. I already know that I can run both at the same time so why not, you know? I just mute DF and I’m good to go. I’m actually quite excited about this.

Now I just have to wait for Blizzard to tell me my account is okay again since those fucking gold farmers stole my shit that just got restored, a-fucking-gain. I can’t find shit on my computer so I don’t know how they keep getting it, but before I scanned this time with my new programs I deleted all of my addons from Cursed. I hear that sometimes one slips through and I did have a few sketchy old addons that didn’t do much, so I’m hoping I didn’t detect anything because I deleted it (I did quarantine 6 files though I don’t think they were the problem).

Anyways, hopefully today I’ll be raiding it up in WoW on my Warlock like a big fag while swimming in DF to become a big stag! Har har, I so rhymeh!

I said good day!


7 thoughts on “Mission Impossible: The Best of Both Worlds

  1. ha you big ol’ WoW carebear. I actually resubbed to wow at the weekend but only to help my friend find his feet (new to MMO’s full stop), its surprising how much we take for granted having played MMOs for a few years now.

    Oh and finally put up my Darkfall ‘final thoughts’ post up. Yas Im a bigger fookin carebear than you *shrug*

  2. Oh har har har. So I checked my swimming at lunch and found out I was killed shortly after I left this morning, fuckin awesome!

    I just feel good about afking because when I look back after a while it’s like, bam, you didn’t even try and look at you now! So why not still play a computer game instead of watching TV? Amirite?

  3. I did some afk swimming to the extent it was my highest stat haha, I felt like a dirty cheater but meh I wanted to do anything to gain any advantage possible particularly in relation to a game like Darkfall.

  4. Well most people who are really into doing those sort of things have 2 characters. If you get beat on by someone with knives it raises your rigor a lot, I hear. I have seen two toons in SynCaine’s guild that I believe are his, so at least I haven’t had to go that route yet heh.

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