I got somethin to say

It’s better to burn out, than fade away.

I consider myself an MMO enthusiast. Let us use Merriam Webster to help us define enthusiast: a person filled with enthusiasm: as a : one who is ardently attached to a cause, object, or pursuit b : one who tends to become ardently absorbed in an interest.

I play MMOs to have fun and spend my time. You may have noticed that I don’t stick with them for very long and that sometimes I play games that you wouldn’t think I would want to play (FreeRealms anyone?). I did this before and after WoW.

Being an enthusiast is a good reason to play many different MMOs just like it is a good reason to know as much as you can about cars if you are a car enthusiast. The problem is that not everyone who plays all of the MMOs is an enthusiast, they don’t care about the history of it all, they had a good couple year run in one MMO and have since jumped on and off that boat with their friends. The problem is, their boat is a big fucking cruise liner and the boats they keep jumping on are little dingys which are promptly crippled under the massive weight of the cruise line passengers.

Why do people go on cruises? So they don’t have to do the dishes for a week, to get away from it all, no laundry, no cooking, just having fun while other people do all the hard stuff.

Why do people go out on little dingys (or sail boats, pontoons, regular boats, etc)? Because they love the ocean, love catching their own food, they love being out on their own and firmly in control of their life. They love running into others like themselves just drifting out at sea. Discovering shipping routes and knowing where all of the buoys are located, where the sandbars are, the good fishing spots, all of these things that you don’t get on a cruise ship. Everything available to you was brought by you and no one is handing you anything.

Imagine you were one of those dingy riders who had been around for years before the cruise ships showed up. Their boats were small and the boats were few so it was easy for them all to view the ocean as their home. One day the cruise ship is announced and even dingy riders buy a ticket just to check it out. Unfortunately the dingy riders miss the ocean that they knew. Sure some of the elements that made their dingy adventures so great were there, but it just wasn’t the same.

Moving down the road some more and we have cruise ships pulling up next to dingys. The cruise ships passengers jump onto the dingy all at once and push the little boat to it’s limits. The boat doesn’t stop rocking as more people keep jumping on, the water is rising, the wood is creaking, and the cruise ship passengers are getting worried because they’re about to get a taste of the vast ocean. So they all pile back onto their cruise ship leaving the dingy a ragged little mess in the water just waiting for one tough wave to knock it over. The cruise ship sails on and the passengers yell back to the dingy, “you should get a bigger boat because that little one looks pretty shitty!”

Have you figured out what I’m talking about yet?

Yes, Tourism! I know, dead horse, I get it. But I have to say something and I don’t know if it has been said before.

One of the big arguments these days mainly coming from the tourist crowd who may or may not see themselves as tourists is that it isn’t the player’s fault for not liking a game, it is the developer’s. On the surface I cannot disagree with that statement. However, below the surface I can whole heartedly disagree.

Before WoW it seemed everyone who played MMOs was an MMO enthusiast. The genre seemed to really be picking up speed and it was exciting times. Before any MMO would come out you would be aware of a closed beta (usually heard some info from a closed beta participant), an open beta (used primarily to stress test the servers), and it was assumed that there were probably several other closed betas and inhouse alphas. We knew what to expect. The game would have problems, but every game we could play had problems too, that was just the way these games worked. We didn’t care because we loved MMOs so much. We just couldn’t get enough of them, and developers started pumping them out as fast as they could, and we kept buying them up and downloading them and playing the shit out of them. They were all pretty buggy at first, because the developers were trying to supply enough MMOs to meet our demands, and we did not demand flawless MMOs because none of us knew what that looked like and neither did the developers.

This is why some of us can argue with the tourists about the game being good and not being a “buggy pos”. That is how they come off the assembly line in our head because our first boat ride was not a cruise ship, we grew up ridin dingies, bitch (tryin to catch me ridin dingy).

My point is, you will never have an MMO release that is as good as WoW is now. The only way that will be close to possible is if a big fucking company with tons of bread to toss around that doesn’t have to worry about investors pressuring the shit out of them decides to make a product that is being developed for over four years making zero fucking dollars the whole time. Then maybe you can say that it is the developer’s fault.

But you can’t hop on a dingy expecting it to be a cruise ship when the company that made it is called Dingy Incorporated. It is going to be a fucking dingy, dingy companies dont make cruise ships, they make dingies.

If you want to keep riding on a cruise ship then you have to wait for Carnival Cruise Lines to make a new one because Sea Doo makes dingies.

You have unreasonable expectations of a small company with minimal funding, with said funding coming from someone who is aware of WoW’s success and is only hoping that they too will get a piece of the pie, said funder is not patient and does not understand a damn thing about MMOs nor does he care, so he sets deadlines and if he has to will cut his losses.

Do you really expect a game made in such a hostile environment to be completely devoid of bugs?

My question is, are you an MMO Enthusiast or do you just like riding on cruise ships?


9 thoughts on “I got somethin to say

  1. What the fook is going on today?

    Tobold being even more emo than usual – leads to syncaine frothing at the mouth – which then leads to syncaine writing some form of love letter (manchildminotaur is almost a certainty now) – which leads to you posting a well thought out novel!

    I need to lie down for a bit!

    Oh and Im an Enthusiast btw…..i think

  2. Right on the money. I’ve been saying that same things only with resources and investor expectations rather than dinghies. No tourist, of course, has a fucking clue of what I’m talking about.

    I will post a link to this in any comment to any post regarding tourists.

    • I agree, I only do it so those fucking link faggots that write a random ass paragraph with links to buy every damn virus on the internet don’t get any victims from me. But I hear ya on having to wait for your comment to be moderated, sosry!

      • Yeah I’ve got mine set to moderate first time comments. If I approve them then that person will be able to comment as much as they want without moderation.

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