Short and Sweet

I’ve played a shit ton of DF. I have died like 4 times to players and killed 2 Harvesters by a player city (one was afk, both were naked). I have like 12+ suits of chainmail and can now make banded. I have 3 mounts that I made and lost 1 that I stole from a PK who got too close to a tower. I tried to jump a guy mining iron and he raped the shit out of me. I later ran into this guy and fought mounted for a minute, then realized he called in backup, got chased by 3 dudes, one jumped down the mountain to catch up (air acceleration like in CS) and got me.

My STR and WIS are both almost 30, at which point I will be buying some new skills (though I forget which ones exactly lol). My mining is over 75 with Mining Mastery at 30, Herb is almost 75. Lesser Magic is above 50, I have greater magic to almost 20 with rend a little above that.

Greatswords is almost 40 along with archery. I’m doing the big ass stat bonus quests where you have to kill 500 of a lot of shit. I’m almost ready to turn in the +2 wisdom one which requires 300 stone (have) 300 timber (have) 300 iron ore (dont have) and 300 fish (dont have). In return I get +2 wisdom, 2k gold, and 50 ingots (only thing that makes it almost worth it, I’m not mining that much for no crafting gain).

Shit is going good, I left murder herd mainly because they’re a bunch of paranoid r-tards. They think I’m going to spy on them or some shit because they don’t remember me from DF’s launch. Oh well, I heard they just lost a boat being dumb so, good riddance. Not sure where I am going but I am leaning towards the all Ork clan mainly just so I know my enemies (non orks) and have a city to farm mats and defend from fgts.

Looking to get STR and WIS to 30 today, buy the skills, finish the +2 WIS quest, get more steedgrass, farm more goblin scouts (for +STR quest), make more banded, kill more skeleton archers. Possibly find a selentine chest to use one of my 2 keys on. Etc.

I’d love to take the time to really put a lot of thought into my writing but, if I do that now then I lose precious play time! MFKERS!


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