Lewt, Stats, Skills


2 thoughts on “Lewt, Stats, Skills

  1. awesome stats and loot!

    It makes me sad because,well, I just pretty much suck at darkfall.

    I’ll be popping on at various times but I’ve accepted im more of a ‘sheep’ than a ‘wolf’ (until worgen go to Wow 😉 ) I dont think this month will be the last time I venture into DF but at the moment its just not for me.

    • I just have to make myself go out and do things. I’ve got like 5 things I want to do always (it seems like) and each one takes longer than a whole play session. So I try and mix it up. I find myself harvesting a fucking lot though, but it builds stats, so it can’t be that bad.

      I’ve not gone out and really killed anyone like a wolf, except for those two harvesters (one afk lol). I plan on it eventually (maybe).

      I tihnk one of the next big moves I’ll be making will be into a clan with a city. Preferrably one that is attacked by smaller forces frequently. I want to defend my homeland!

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