MMOs are best played with lots of time, usually on a weekend

Which is why I didn’t do very much at all yesterday. I did manage to get enough gold (500) to buy Weaponsmithing. I then went and mined 50 iron ore which smelted into 16 ingots (1 fail I believe) and with some wood I turned it into 2 Ork 2 Hander Swords (1 fail). That was about it, there was a lot of just standing around and alt tabbing, I just didn’t really dive into it (I wanted to but I kept getting sidetracked). I did not play any other game, so, it’s not like that.

I decided to attempt a harder mob as I have heard they are a good step up from Goblins (I’m assuming Goblins includes Shamans, which I have not fought since EU), this new mob was a Swamp Hag. I started out with Mana Missiles and eventually it charged up to melee me, which is when I did 3/4 of the damage to it, killing it. It dropped about 22 gold, some bone, and something else. Skinned a Hag Heart off of it. Meh!

I raised my archery a little bit, I got a rank 40 bow out of a quest so I do more dmg with my bow than my sword.

I’m still not sure about my guild. All I want is access to our DF forums so I can decide whether or not I want to stay with them. I need to know the plan, what the shit are we doing? My requests have been falling on deaf ears which may be sign enough of what I should do. From what I can tell we just allied with some people and are moving out to Seelie which is a city on an island off of the West coast of Agon. Maybe I’ll truck it on over there (across the whole fucking world) but who fuckin knows.


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