What has happened so far

With my recent return to DF I also began mingling with my old guild, Murder Herd. If you remember my previous DF ramblings you may remember me really hating some stupid fat bitch, well good news, she is gone being fat and dumb in Aion. Woot woot! I think some of the losers that like to act like big tough guys are still around though, which is pretty gay. All in all I don’t know if I’m sticking with them. I mean having a city was cool and really put the whole game on the front burner for me, but now, no city, and I still kinda hate the members? I just don’t know. I don’t think they could really get that mad at me anyway since the leaders have left the guild so that people don’t see them with the name Murder Herd and gank them in towns. Plus I’m on the road to being self sufficient so what the shit do I need annoying people for? The biggest straw however, is that in order to accept these people and interact with them on vent, I find that being drunk is highly necessary. That isn’t a good thing especially since I’ve been trying to not drink (and doing perdy good if I do say so muhself). So I bet I can use that as a reason to leave without them declaring me an enemy and making it a point to hunt me down and rape me. Good times lol.

Prior to my character successfully being transfered I created a character on NA1 and started out in the Ork newb towns. I refreshed my memory of the lay of the land and the controls as well. I remembered to delete him before I was done so that it didn’t cancel my transfer and played CS:S for the rest of the night (I’m now in the top 20 yet again, was getting close to the top 10 yesterday a little). I wasn’t certain what my plan was going to be but I knew I wanted to get to the Ork starting area. So I log in and find myself in an NPC town near the center of Agon, Nightspire was the name I believe. This was a good distance away from my destination so I knew I had a long trek ahead of me rife with danger. I set my compass to East and treaded onward! After about 30 minutes of running (sprinting on and off/conserving stamina) I appeared to be close to halfway, I had gone by what I thought could have been player cities or just buildings where players might be in general, so I was on my toes for a good thirty minutes. Then I saw a shiny object ahead, somewhat near a possible city, so I got close enough to where I could identify it with my xhair and it was a Chaos Chest. Hmm, I’ve never seen one of these before, I hope it isn’t a trap. I walk up to it and use it and tada, gold, resin, nacre, and a big mana pot (aka everything in my inventory in the last post’s screenshot). A good 30 minutes later and I was where I wanted to be, so now what?

Well I’ll tell you now what. I began doing all of the quests I could for the rewards (armor, little shit to sell, money) to get enough money to buy armorsmithing so that I can make myself many suits of armor, setting myself up to be ready for many battles some of which result in me losing my shit. Then I was going to do it with weapons and eventually horses (maybe even alchemy and fishing/cooking!) until finally I am ready to venture out and wtf rape some figgits.

I was using my greatsword for a long time (the newb one) and was getting so angry about my greatsword skill not raising beyond 17.9! Then I bought a 2hand sword and guess what, one little trip and I get a whole 1.00 :/, can’t believe I didn’t remember that change, I didn’t play but I read about it.

Once I was out of quests I began farming Goblin Scouts near Metal Heart for cashmoney/leather/arrows. They were going down fairly easy but god damn they would not stop spawning! I had probably 20 graves all over the place, majority looted, but damn it got hard at times to kill and loot and heal.

I got ganked once so far by some Goon loser with his Roosterfuck friend (I say roosterfuck because I’m pretty sure his name had something to do with chickens). I’ve since stopped going to that spawn as it is too far from the town. He hit me with a big ass fireball from a ways off and running didn’t do me any good, why he was out killing newbs, the world may never know (but I’m sure my huge stacks of loot valued at approximately 50 gold really add up).

So today I may be leaving my guild, I should be getting weaponsmithing, then farming iron nodes and making more suits of chain/orcish 2handed swords. Then it is steedgrass farmin/taming trainin along with gettin my weapon to 25+ to buy the scorpion get over here skill and the power attack that causes bleeding.

Anyways, that is it, ttyl honkeys.


4 thoughts on “What has happened so far

  1. I got through a fair amount of the starter quests however I just aint getting a connection with the game so far.

    Silly things like having to shealth and unsheath your weapon to loot, drag and drop into bags and also the bag itself would be better broken down into boxes rather than things stacking ontop of each other. It just seems very sloppy.

    I’ll keep plugging away for another couple of days but I doubt I’ll even bother playing the full month. Its a strange game that all I can say so far.

  2. With full loot you need something like the sheathing/unsheathing/backpack dragging to deter people from being scavenger assholes. How else are you supposed to stop someone from taking your shit (of your corpse or your mobs corpses) if they can just click once to loot all and high tail it out of there? The backpack idea is from Ultima Online, there was no sheathing/unsheathing but it also wasn’t an FPS, and it was the cause of many deaths due to looting.

    I can understand DF rubbing people the wrong way (especially if you didn’t play MMOs before they were pretty), but I also get why it is the way it is and I like it because of that.

    • Its nothing about being pretty its about game mechanics, the fact someone can or cant loot you with 1 click over 4 doesnt make too much of a difference, by the time you have respawned they will have made off with all your loot irrespective of how many buttons they have had to push or ofc they are awaiting your return to kill you again.

      I can see the attraction and yes it does instill fear into you whilst playing, however this ‘skill over gear’ that I’ve seen syncaine talk about is non existant. The void is still there and getting two shotted without a chance to retaliate is a reality, is it worth getting all your skills up to see if you can compete? possibly but If my first 5 days of play are what I’ve got in store for myself then I just dont know if I can neglect the other games im subscribed to which are more suited to my playstyle and personal tastes.

      Its a tough one and at £42 for the game and subscription its not an easy decision to make

      • Your situation is not the norm, it’s the beginning. When you’re in a guild and have group PvP (which isn’t really an endgame thing at all), especially ginormous group PvP, you will see it’s importance more. In my guild we had a no combat looting rule in an attempt to stop our guys from trying to loot in the middle of a fight while other people are getting their asses kicked and/or need help. If you just stumble upon a big fight and start looting then you’re risking your life for your reward (by unsheathing and dragging things one by one).

        I’d like to compare your situation to not being able to kill Hogger. Sure he can seem like a hard dickhead at times but give it a little time and he is the easiest thing in the world. That isn’t to say that the guy who ganked you is someone you will be able to beat soon, but you will be able to beat people. Many newly created characters that are already in a guild just go to where ever their guild is, strength in numbers and all that. Once I did that the game changed for me into something more (first time around anyway).

        I wasn’t one of 3 guys killing the goblins, all fighting over each other’s loot, anymore. I didn’t get triple teamed and blocked into the rock that I’m mining, incapable of escaping while they beat me to death (I’ll never forget you Bill O’reilly, you motherfucker). What did start to happen was this:

        I’d be outside of town mining with some guildmates, we see a bad guy approach, we all come out of the woodwork with our newb weapons, completely naked, and all of us fight til the death. If any of us died, we got our loot back from our friends, plus whatever loot the attacker had.

        I would really recommend that you get into a player city, putting yourself into a position where you are given direction.

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