Some Fallen Earth Combat

Say hello to my two dudes.

Two Dudes

Here we have some footage from their lives. My computer lagged a little bit during some of the filming, I think it was the flies, but iunno. Killing the same mobs on both toons. Melee toon is level 7 so the mobs are even con and the archer is 6 killing level 7s. I think I’m going to use my melee as a money maker and my archer for crafting/ranged battle. What will I do for PvP? I have no idea.


2 thoughts on “Some Fallen Earth Combat

  1. My fps TANKs when I tried to make a video đŸ˜¦

    I had my first PvP encounter on Sunday which was nerve racking but was a good lesson.

    I agree with your decision on the melee as money maker, from my experience melee will be cannon fodder in pvp unless they have real good armour and close the gap ASAP.

  2. I did a little PvP in Slaughterville this weekend as well. I was on my melee, who was level 9, and I ran into a level 14 Rifle wielding fucker. I got him so close to death multiple times but lost every fight. So I switched to my Archer guy, run over there (no horse lol), and the guy is gone. So I get on top of the boxes and start surveying the land for more people, figuring I could shoot them no problem. Well a level 4 melee shows up, jukes the shit out of me, I didn’t shoot him once, I figured since he was low level I could easily shoot him dead in 2 shots 1 if I’m lucky. Well I jumped off my boxes, great idea, and I try and chase him down, I round a corner and bam, he Smashed me. So there I am, stunned, and he’s a dual wielding melee, next thing I know I’m dead.

    So I get on my melee guy who is real close and the guy is gone. Ugh! Made me feel pretty bad lol. I like to think if I wasn’t a trial user that I would’ve won. I’ve got much higher weapon skill than my weapon requires, but since I have to get my loots from mobs/npcs/quests I’m limited in my choices. So instead of using a 50 melee required weapon I’m using a 30 required one. Those encounters prompted me to roll a new Ranged Combat dude, who I would treat the same as the melee dude, just change the stats and weapon specializations. My level 6 guy is going to be turned into a crafter whore. But I need to buy the game to even trade shit between my guys, so, meh!

    Can’t get it today but probably tomorrow.

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