This is Where I’ve Been, Kinda

I hope it is easy to understand why I’ve not been around much!
My New Best Friend


5 thoughts on “This is Where I’ve Been, Kinda

  1. I think I’m going to be letting that ship sail, at least for a while. I pretty much always go back to a game I’ve played that long. I made it to 29, I thought it was good enough, I had more abyss points than half the people I would run into (including higher levels) and enjoyed my time there.

    Now it is time for AoC.

  2. ouch, yeah the Account hacking seems to have stepped up a tad as my brother in law has had his account hacked twice in as many months.

    AoC is a good game, it doesnt seem to like my pc however so it kind of hampered my enjoyment. that and it was far too instanced for my liking.

  3. I kinda like the instancing, mainly the choice of Normal or Epic for most zones. Being a soloer though, I never use the epic setting, but its nice to know its there if I ever want to. It can be pretty taxing on the computer, that is for sure.

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