Aaaaand I’m bored

Right on time!

I am tired of Diablo 2, shocking, I know. I hate when you play a game long enough to begin questioning it. What am I gonna do today? Well I can play this guy and find items, this guy and find items, or this guy and find items…. So I have found myself playing CS and CS:S again, getting in some of that bang bang boom and such. Little bit of boom bam bing.

I just got back from a vacation to North Carolina to see my mom. The drive took quite a bit out of me but it’s always cool to look at the distance you traveled on a map and compare it to a globe or something. One day I’m on a big ass mountain covered in snow and the next I’m in Florida sweating. I saw about 30 elk at once which was pretty neat. They all had tracking collars and shit due to being reintroduced to the Great Smokey Mountain National Park in 2001. There were 50 of them then and now there are around 125. There was a park ranger talking to people about them with props and shit. She said: “They also eat a lot of insects, which is why there are insects in *reaches for a container* this poop *moves poop around with finger*.” I wasn’t kidding about the shit, you see.

I watched some old VHS tapes at my moms and Return of the Jedi was on one of them. I’ve since been fiending for some Star Wars action of some sort. I don’t know if I can bring myself to play SWG again, in fact I think I can’t. I’m just going to have to wait for the new one and it better feel like the Star Wars universe, because SWG gave me that feeling all the time, and if SWG can do it then these new school motherfuckers should be able to.

DAoC can no longer be played, it’s done, and I’m going to miss it. Warhammer pops into my mind from time to time but I should know it is a pretty hollow feeling game, so I doubt I’ll play that again. EQ2 never rubbed me the right way, so I’m done with that. Anarchy Online is ancient and Diablo 2-esque in that you’re just leveling and looking for items in an old ass game. There just doesn’t seem to be very much to choose from.

The game I’m most leaning toward is AoC because I’ve still never played it. I’m a bit worried about the directional swinging shit but I’m a big boy and should be able to figure it out. There is also Aion but I think I’m going to give that game a bit of time as well before playing it, I’ve always known that it’s a good idea to do that but I’ve not really done it.

That’s about all I’ve got for you, wieners and biscuits and stuff!

1 thought on “Aaaaand I’m bored

  1. haha not like you to be bored mate ;)If you have a powerful pc then conan is quite a decent game, particularly at lower levels, I would advise you to have a look around for a guild before you pick a server etc as you will need some help.It ran like crap on my pc and the memory leaks/desktop crashes just got far too much for me.Im playing Aion at the moment and I'll have to admit I'm loving it…which is surprising, I wont know if I'll stick with it until I check out the pvp but so far so good. It is 'grindy' natured in relation to leveling but its a refreshing change to WoW where you just got handed levels (I'll be returning to WoW for cataclysm no doubt).

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