Dere dair dere!

At the end of this post you will find a link to funny stuff that I love.

Yesterday was one of my busiest days ever. We’re moving our office (our secondary office) downtown (we move it almost every year, 2nd time we’re downtown). I set up the Verizon installation and was given a window of 8AM-5PM. Nice and small, especially nice because I normally get to work at 9AM. So there I am, twiddlin my thumbs, setting up desks and computers, and waiting for Verizon. It was a very unusually active work day, but since I got a lot done, and did it alone, I got a pretty good source of accomplishment. Reading the description of what I did now, (wrote this in class, typing it now) the day does not appear to be very active, but trust me, it was.

I missed a day of school last Thursday and pretty much had a ton of make up work to do before today (today being Thursday). So when I got home I began working on it. Well, four hours later I was done. 10 fuckin o’clock. No games, minimal weed, very out of my ordinary. After doing that I remoted into the work server to catch up on some things I also missed. I was completely done at 10:30, I put on the movie Congo (bad gorillas!) and barely got to hear the beginning before drifting off.

The End lol

Today myself and Melanie decided to wake up early again. I think it gives us more energy, I know it does me, and I’m notorious for waking up early as shit.

Anyways, without further ado! Dere dair deres and boopitys!


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