Two milestones in one weekend! Frostsavage set at 78 (made by me)


ding dung dong level 80, huzzah!

No time to say more!


4 thoughts on “Yay

  1. Congrats, I didnt think you would stick with it :)What now for you? battlegrounds and arena? If you can I'd try and get a taste of some of the level 80 dungeons/ raids but dont get sucked into the gear grind

  2. Thanks man. It only took me… however long the game has been out, since I've played on and off since release lol. Ugh! I did it! I may end up doing some of that level 80 PvP as I totally want tons of heirloom items so I can have like 40 alts, cant wait. I think I can get some Champion Seals from the Argent Tournament, which may be soloable, I'm not sure. But I know Emblems of Heroism are another route, which one is easier, I don't know but I am going to find out. I'm going to be grinding honor for some of that phat purple gear, it really flies by. I got 30k in one weekend day and half the day I was playing an alt, so, it really isn't that bad. You just go in AV, tell people what to do, make sure they do it (I recommend using CAPS) and then you win.Kill Galv, cap IBT, TP, and IBGY. Skip FWGY, get RH, get FW Towers. Leave guards at everything to defend. When towers break, down Drek. If you have to down Drek before your towers cap due to the enemy being ahead, do it. Tada! Loves it.

  3. Aye the champions seals at the argent tournament are pretty easy to get, although you are restricted to getting around 6-7 a day I think because they are effectively daily quests. I didnt realise you can buy the heirloom items with honor points altho I do most of my pvp outside battlegrounds. As for AV its still one of my fav battlegrounds altho I do like strand of the aincients and wintergrasp isnt bad

  4. I meant the Gladiator PvP gear for honor, not heirloom items. I've also found out that I can do Wintergrasp quests (weekly I think) for the PvP heirlooms.

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